Movie Review: We Bought A Zoo

It is one of the most wonderful movies that I see based on a true story with some alternation  based on Benjamin Mee’s book. Benjamin Mee indeed bought a zoo in UK. However, the movie was filmed in USA. The zoo that the real Benjamin Mee bought in UK is Dartmoor Zoological Park while in the movie it was known as Rosemoor Zoological Park.

This movie is starring with Matt Damon as Benjamin Mee, Scarlett Johannson as Kelly the zookeeper, Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning’s younger sister) as Lily, Colin Ford as Dylan Mee (son of Benjamin Mee) and Thomas Haden Church as Benjamin’s elder brother, Duncan Mee. Of course, the character which is the more likeable is the cute little Rosie Mee. She is so cute and innocent.

Here’s a trailer of this movie. It is worth it to watch. Very touching story & nice music scores. You can see how the Father &  son’s relationship has improved after the family bought a zoo.

Definitely it is a must catch movie. I will give it 4.5 stars out of 5. For more information about Dartmoor Zoo, please visit


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