Disappointed with ur current skincare? Try LO’real Youth Code Essence


If you find yourself wondering why your skincare loses effectiveness over time OR you’ve been switching products because your current skincare just doesn’t give you the results it promised, then Youth Code Boosting Essence is the product for you! 

The good people at L’Oreal Paris went into gene science research and found a way to help your skin absorb active ingredients in skincare better and hence boost skincare effectiveness x2. 

Turn back the hands of time by boosting your skincare effectiveness 2 times with Youth Code Boosting Essence. It restores the skin’s natural recovery capabilities, and amplifies the effect of any and every type of skincare applied!

One application gives your skin instant smoothness/softness. It also increases the absorbing power of your skin!

One week of usage it will improve the texture of your skin and after a month, you can see your once youthfulness & radiance in your skin again! Try it today! This product is available at local supermarkets, Guardian, Watsons and local departmental stores.


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