Towards Tobacco-Free Singapore

Towards Tobacco-Free Singapore

As more and more younger men and women started to pick up smoking at an earlier age, more people are exposed to harmful chemicals from cigarette smoke directly and passively. I do not like that smell and I swore not to pick up smoking at all.

Some people picked up smoking from their peers while some picked up smoking as they seen from their parents. Even a young boy from Indonesia picked up smoking at a young age & now he needed to smoke about 40 sticks/day. Isn’t  it scary?

This campaign – Towards Tobacco-Free Singapore is targeting people  below the age of 12, or those born after January 2000 to educate them on smoking & its harmful effects.

Here are some of the facts quoted on the official website:

The Problem

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in Singapore:

  • On average, 7 Singaporeans die each day from smoking.
  • At current rates, tobacco will kill 1 out of every 13 Singaporean children born from the year 2000.
  • More Singaporeans die in just one month from tobacco than in a whole year from traffic accidents.

Second-hand smoke kills non-smokers:

  • Second-hand smoke kills 600,000 people, including 165,000 children, worldwide each year.
  • About 250 non-smokers die each year in Singapore from exposure to second-hand smoke.

Tobacco is extremely harmful:

  • Cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.
  • Nicotine is highly addictive – 95% of smokers say they would like to quit but two-thirds of smokers remain smokers until they die.

Existing controls are not working:

  • Although smoking rates had been falling for some time, the proportion of Singaporeans aged 18 to 29 who smoke appears to be increasing – from 12% in 2004 to 17% in 2007.

So what can we do to help them? To educate them and be a role model. I do not smoke. For those who are smoking, perhaps you can consider to join IQUIT program by Health Promotion Board Singapore to encourage smokers to quit smoking.

I hope people will come and pledge their support today towards Tobacco-Free Singapore and make a difference in many people’s lives. Visit for more information on how to pledge your support now! I have pledge my support. Have you?

Visit for more information on the latest updates & join Their facebook page at


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