Advertisement:100-Plus: Outdo The Everyday video contest


24 hours a day. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. Throw in crazy schedules, commitments and growing to-do lists, and you have barely room for more. Yet, you won’t settle for less. Because you live to outdo the everyday. To make every minute count.

Perhaps you and your friends seize the morning to pursue nature photography, or squeeze in salsa lessons after work. Or squeeze in all the activities within the same day.

It is not easy for people to outdo themselves as many people were saying 24 hours a day is not enough for them to finish all the possible activities and tasks in their daily life. We need time to sleep, eat and travel. However, some manage to do so with great time management and outdo the everyday effectively.

100-plus want to know how you give it all. Share a video of how you outdo the everyday at Alternatively, you can vote for the videos that inspire you at

If your video inspires 100-plus and the voters, you’ll see yourselves on TV! Plus you might even win an adventure of a lifetime on the OZ Adrenaline trip for 2 to Cairns, Australia, worth S$10,000!


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