Preview: Flower Dome @ Garden By the Bay

Sorry for the super-late post as I was busy with my project and studies for the past few months. All the ticket holders for 20th World Orchid Show were entitled for entry to Flower Dome preview from 14-20 Nov 2011 from 10am to 9pm.

Of course, I was so excited to visit Gardens by the Bay since I had the 20th WOC ticket. As what I know, there is indeed a long bridge from Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre to Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Gardens by the Bay. The queue for the shuttle bus was quite long and it was faster to walk from Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre to Gardens by the Bay.

Walked all the way to the Gardens by the Bay via the long bridge & entered the Cloud Dome. It was very beautiful to see so many gardens while walking towards the destination. Chinese, Malay and Indian Gardens. Wow.

A picture taken in the Chinese Garden

You can try walking through this big rock! Haha

Indian-styled art decor

Welcome to the Flower Dome. So many beautiful plants and cacti inside the there. Haha.

Flower Dome features a few gardens such as Australian Garden, Mediterranean Garden and Olive Grove,  South American garden, the Baobabs and succulent garden.

Is not it wonderful to see so many temperate plants within the Flower Dome? The place was not so hot.

Flower Blooming


Is it this agave very big? Quite fascinating to see that.

Looks like flower right?

So cute to see Mummy turtle with baby turtle decor!

A place for people to rest?

Do you dare to rest at an area that is surrounded by so many cacti?

Trying to get poked by the cactus spike?

I did attempted to do that. Don’t worry, I did not get prick by the cactus. Is not it wonderful that cactus spike helps to reduce the amount of water lost for the cactus at a desert area. So that cactus can still survive at such a water scarce place.

So many rocks? Looks like crystals that have not been polished.

So cool…


Did not expect to see so furry flowers for cactus.

I could not imagine that the cactus could grow as tall as this length!

Amethyst crystals!

Nice Orchid Statue inside the flower dome

I did not expect to see nice orchid statue inside the flower dome.

Australian Garden

Resting area

I guess there may be some more new additions to be added to the Australian Garden area.

South African Garden

South African Garden layout map

South American Garden Layout map

Mediterranean Garden

Some of the images appeared blur due to low light setting and the sun had setted then. I could not see those plant well by then.

It’s difficult to see the beauty of  the plants at night.

Standing tall….

Approaching the ground floor area soon with the beautiful orchids display. Is not nice and colourful with different shapes and sizes?

Is it the night sky look great with this?

I think it was indeed an eye-opener for me to see so many beautiful plants and flowers from all over the world at 1 place in Singapore. Of course the best timing to visit the Flower dome will be during daytime than night time. I was there during the evening time and it was so dark when the sun had set and I cannot see the plants well.

Anyway, Gardens by the Bay will be soon open to public on 29 June 2012. You can take bus 400 or walk via the long bridge near Marina Bay Sands or take free shuttle bus from Marina Bay MRT station to Marina Barrage and walk towards there.

Access to the outdoor gardens at Bay South is free, with key attractions like the Conservatories and Aerial Walkway being chargeable. Standard tickets will be available online from mid June onwards. Please visit for the admission charges and details.

Thank you for reading! I am looking forward for its official opening end of this month!


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