Food Review: Menya-Kyo 麺屋強 Restaurant

Thank you Streetdirectory and Menya-Kyo for the invite. Menya-Kyo restaurant is a Japanese restaurant selling ramen and Japanese don. They have 2 branches in Singapore, namely a kiosk at Bugis Junction and a restaurant at TripleOne Somerset #02-15 (near to Somerset MRT station and National Youth Council).

They have quite a few promotions going on at its Somerset branch as they just opened there.

Value Set meals starting from S$11.80++

50% off for the 2nd Ramen purchased from the restaurant

Opening specials for 2 pax. Is not it quite worth? As Japanese meals does not cost that cheap and affordable.

Here’s the menu. They have don buri (comes with Miso soup), Japanese Curry rice, Sapporo Ramen (salty soup base), Tonkatsu ramen (pork soup base), side dishes such as gyoza, cha-sho (Char-siew meat) and drinks such as Sapporo beer, soft drinks and green tea to choose from.

Heard their speciality is Cha-sho (Charsiew meat).

Let’s have a cuppa green tea while waiting for the dishes to come…

Menya Kyo Salad with Cha-sho meat. It is yummy…

Their famous cha-sho meat (Charsiew). I would recommend people to order this side dish as the sauce tasted great with their grilled meat. It is soft and tender, unlike the typical charsiew meat that we eat.

Vegetable Gyoza

Here’s the vegetable Gyoza. A bit crispy and I always like to dip it with vinegar with some soya sauce to enhance the taste of the gyoza (dumplings).

Salmon Sashimi

Of course, it is a must to order sashimi for the Japanese cuisine dining. I would dip the sashimi slices with soya sauce + a bit of wasabi to enhance the taste and mask the fishy smell while consuming it. While chewing it, there’s some icy feeling to preserve the freshness of the salmon sashimi while thawing the meat.

Ebi Curry Rice

Ebi curry rice tasted great. Japanese curry always tasted sweet and nice. The tempura prawns are soft and chewy and I would recommend it if you love to eat prawns.

Karage Sapporo Ramen. The soup base is a bit salty as it is known as Sapporo Ramen which is well known to be salty. I love the chicken and the way they cooked the egg. The egg yolk is not fully cooked as you see. I would recommend people to try this ramen as it has quite a lot of ingredients inside and quite filling. This makes people feel like eating at Sapporo, Japan.

Yakiniku Don with Miso Soup

Yakiniku Don with miso soup. Yakiniku means grilled beef. So Yakiniku Don means grilled beef with rice. It comes with miso soup. The miso soup tasted okay. The beef is tender and chewable as it was thin sliced.

I would say if you want to avoid the crowds of Orchard road to have a good Japanese meal, Menya Kyo is 1 of the ideal places for you to enjoy great Japanese meal with their good waiter service serving food to their customers while enjoying cup of green tea. They also gave customer smaller bowl to fill the food from the bigger bowls.

I would suggest you can order their famous cha-sho and gyozas as their side dish and Karage Sapporo Ramen while enjoying green tea. Of course, there are many wonderful Ramen in Menya Kyo Restaurant which I have not tasted yet and hope to try their other ramen flavours when I drop by at either Bugis Kiosk or Somerset restaurant.

Visit or you can take MRT to Somerset and walk towards TripleOne Somerset.


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