Product Review: Sunplay SPF PA 130++ Sunblock lotion

Thank you Sharmilla for sponsoring Sunplay SPF 130++ product for reviewing.

As my skin gets burnt quite easily after exposing to the sun, I have to use sunblock lotion quite often while I go out under the sun for a period of time.
Can you see how bad my sunburnt was after walking for 40minutes under the sun with my slippers? That was without applying sunblock lotion at all. UVB sunrays are involved in causing our skin to get tan.

Some of the sunblock lotions I use,  make the skin quite greasy and sticky after application. Most sunblock lotions have SPF 15 (Sun Protection factor) which only can protect the skin for 1 hour from ultraviolet (UV) rays and my skin still get burnt despite of application of sunblock. Can you look how bad my sunburnt was in the picture below? That was taken after I spent 3 days under the sun despite applying sunblock lotion to protect my skin from burning and peeling.

Sunplay, the no.1* sunscreen brand in Japan, has launched its new Sunplay range with a patented, improved sun care technology, SOLAREX-3. It fights 3 Signs of Sun Damage, so you can play long hours under the sun carefree!

High protection against 3 signs of sun damage for using SUNPLAY SPF PA 130++ Sunblock Lotion:

1. Protection from Sunburn
Highest UVB and UVA protection. It has UV Reflectant Technology that acts like a mirror to reflect UV rays away from your skin. Superior photo stability for long hours under the sun.
2. Protection from Skin Aging
SUNPLAY has Ronacare Ectoin and Antileukine 6, two advanced anti-aging ingredients to protect your skin from aging, wrinkles and brown spots.
3. Protection from Dryness
SUNPLAY has Hyaluronic Acid, which can lock up 1000X its weight in water. This helps to reduce water loss from your skin, and ensure continual skin moisture.

So what is the good thing about Sunplay SPF130++ sunblock lotion?

– Light and non-greasy texture after application as it is a liquid lotion

– Highest broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection

– Super water & sweat proof, ideal for long hours outdoor and water activities

Retail Selling Price: $17.20 (Net Wt 35grams)

Product review:

I applied this product before I went out for Shine Youth Festival 2012 event at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza, knowing that I would be under the sun for long hours. The feeling was great as I did not feel greasy and sticky after application. Clear finish after application and it did not get wash off easily by water or sweat. My skin was not that burnt after spending 2-3 hours under the skin. I did not need to reapply sunblock lotion then.

Well, I would recommend people who spend long hours or do water activities under the sun to use this product. I will continue to use this product for my outdoor and water activities.


To all my Readers, you can redeem the free Sunplay travel size sample on Sunplay’s Facebook here at and try that out!

There’s a contest on Sunplay’s FaceBook page. The lucky 20 readers to post “I Love Sunplay because…” on Sunplay’s Facebook wall                                      [ ] stands a chance to win prizes sponsored by Sunplay. The constest ends on 29th June and winners will be announced on the following Monday, 2nd July at 1100 hours.


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