Blown Away by Hello Stranger

We say “Hello” as a friendly greeting to a friend or family but have you ever thought of saying this to strangers as well? A little kindness goes a long way, but many of us get so caught up with our hectic lifestyles that we forget the spirit of giving and love. It’s never easy running the rat race alone… all of us need some tender loving care at times too ya?

Therefore Churp Churp is proud to be the official social media partner of Project Hello Stranger, a voluntary movement by a group of Singaporean youths who want to see a happier Singapore. Watch how they try to bring the “kampong spirit” back to Singapore with guerilla strategies and engagement of Singaporeans mainly by carrying out different activities to get Singaporeans to show their soft and friendly side. Believing that a simple act of kindness can spread a whole lot of joy and warmth to the people around us… that’s exactly what Project Hello Stranger is about.

Watch how they spread love around the hippest place in Singapore – Orchard Road! Ambassadors of Project Hello Stranger gave out lots and lots of brightly coloured balloons with a simple instruction saying “Make a friend today, Pass this on to a stranger!”. One stranger gets a balloon and then pass it on to another stranger and another and another!

Share the video and let everyone know how some Singaporeans spend that special Saturday by making a difference to what we want to see in our community!!


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