Advertisement: OLIVA forte™ with HIDROX® heals, protects & rejuvenates

Do you know of anyone suffering from skin conditions (i.e eczema, psoriasis…) and constantly have to bear with the irritating itch? Or do you know of anyone suffering from joint conditions (i.e. osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis…), where they constantly feel the pain as they move around? Or perhaps you may know of health conscious friends & relatives.

Here’s a product offer which would be of interest to them. Share it and help raise funds for the Singapore Eczema Fund, which helps the low income with their eczema treatment.

OLIVA forte™ is a unique, natural health supplement containing HIDROX® a standardized freeze dried blend of organic olive juice patented by CreAgri. HIDROX® is the only patented formulation which retains hydroxytyrosol and many natural olive polyphenols present in the natural environment of olive juice, ensuring maximum absorbency of hydroxytyrosol by the body.

Taking OLIVA forte™ promotes cardiovascular wellness and skin health, maintains healthy joint functions and strengthens the immune system.

OLIVA forte™ is raising funds for Singapore Eczema fund where 20% of total sales proceeds from the sale of OLIVA forte™ essence trial pack (30 capsules@ S$25 (40% discount)) on facebook will be donated to the eczema fund. Like our facebook page to be eligible and receive details on how to make the purchase.

Read more about OLIVA forte and what users say here: and


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