Advertisement: Hong Kong Disneyland – Grizzly Gulch

Disneyland, where magical moments happen every day! Be it a child or an old grandpa, everyone loves Disney land and finds joy in the time spent in the theme park.

This coming July Hong Kong Disneyland is bringing in new exclusive theme lands to add on to all the fun! 

Grizzly Gulch is an upcoming themed land set to open at Hong Kong Disneyland, this will be a World Exclusive only for Hong Kong, so you won’t be able to find this in any other Disneyland’s around the world in USA, France and Japan! 

Remember the familiar phrase “To infinity & Beyond!” from Buzz lightyear? Now you can experience the magic at The Asia Exclusive Toy Storyland which opened last November!

Bring out the child at heart and set sail to enjoy the new theme rides and just bask in Disneyland’s magic today!

我知道好好玩哦!Enjoy & be young at heart! Welcome to HK disneyland!


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