Advertisement: National Day Parade 2012

My beloved Singapore is fast approaching her 47th birthday! It’s less than a month to go to the big day, and boy, have Singaporeans been busy celebrating with all the various engagement activities this year!

From Building a LovingSG with a floating platform made out of LEGO bricks, to lending our singing voices to Singapore’s very first virtual choir as part of LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice — there have been so many contests, events and activities this year where we could show how much we love our island city 🙂

But why stop there? There’s one way to best experience all the celebrations and keep up to date with all things National Day, and that is to be an NDPeep! NDPeeps on Facebook is your one-stop-portal, and a way for everyone to be part of the nation’s celebrations! As an NDPeep, you will be up to date with all with latest news, behind the scenes videos, sneak peek photos and all sorts of games and activities — there really is something for everyone to get excited about!

What are you waiting for? Head over to and be an NDPeep today!


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