Shine Youth Festival: Dell-Intel Concert behind the scenes with Jack & Rai and Clarence Liew

This year Shine Youth Festival – Dell Intel Shine Youth Concert has 2 behind the scene videos (produced by Dell) featuring famous duo Jack & Rai and Singapore Youtube singer Clarence Liew.

Behind the scene with Jack & Rai

They have been together in the music scene for 10 years and sang some songs such as the Falala song for the official speak English movement.

Exclusive video of Jack & Rai

The Fa la la Song by Jack & Rai

Jack & Rai Official Website Link:

Jack & Rai Facebook link:

Jack and Rai | Facebook (

Jack & Rai Twitter Link (click the link below):

Jack and Rai (jackandrai) on Twitter (

Jack & Rai My Space (for listening to their music):

Behind the scene with Clarence Liew (or known as CLo)

Exclusive video of Clarence Liew

For his Youtube channel link:

His Facebook page link:

Clarence Liew | Facebook

His Twitter Updates:

Hope everyone will enjoy their music!


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