Climber’s Lab

Thank you Street Directory and Eugene from Climber’s Lab for the wonderful invite to try out vertical climbing. Well it was my 1st time trying out vertical climbing (as I never try that out during my school days). So it can be quite challenging to me.

There are 2 Climber’s Labs locations in Singapore. 1 of them is located at Enterprise Hub, lobby A, level 5, 48 Toh Guan Road, near Bukit  Batok Industrial Park area. There is only 1 bus, SBS 183 (can be taken from Jurong East interchange) to there. The other is located at 66 Kampong Bugi, #08-01 Rivergreen Building (near Lavender MRT and Lavender street towards victoria street).

So what services do Climber’s Lab offer?

For more information of the courses offered by Climber’s lab, visit

Who should visit Climbers Laboratory?

  • Climbing Enthusiasts
  • Climbing certification seekers (age 13 and above)
  • Climbing Newbie
  • Schools
  • Corporate Groups
  • Friends and/or family
  • Staff retreat/ team building

Climber’s lab is open from Mondays to Sundays. Their opening hours are:

MONDAY – FRIDAY (1000 am – 1000 pm )

SATURDAY – SUNDAY & PH ( 1000 am – 0700 pm )

For the Enterprise Hub outlet, it is a 2 storey (about 8m) high wall place for high wall climbing, which can be quite tiring & challenging with its challenging lanes depending on the route (to be revised every 6 months), while Kallang Ture outlet (at Kampong Bugis) has quite a lot of Bouldering (up to 3 metre tall) which is good to build up endurance and strength.

Of course, it was my 1st time trying out rock climbing in the indoor climbing environment at Enterprise Hub. Well, I put on quite a lot of weight this year and quite fearful of climbing on a wall without someone supporting the harness while I climb.

I remembered the last time I climbed was on the stable pole with steps while my eyes were blind-folded then and walked on the rope.

I tried a few of the routes (beginning and intermediate) at the Climber Lab with some of the bloggers. I managed to completed the 2 of the easier routes. However, I did not manage to complete the more difficult routes on the walls as my body could not take my weight while holding on to the same position for too long and my palms were sweating then which I lost my grip.

Here’s some of the climbing pictures of me wearing the shoe and attempting the walls (thank you haren and Lynn for taking the pictures):

Well my posture looks bad here. Haha. Climber shoes are different from sports shoes to achieve better grip on the small rocks.

I guess Eugene had a tough time to support us (using a rope) and guide us while climbing those challenging walls. Thank you to this wonderful instructor! At least I am glad that I completed 2 of the walls with ease.

Here’s the group photo:

Lynn, Kaiyi, Eugene, Hazel and myself.

According to Eugene, he said sometimes he and many experienced climbers will use chalk while climbing as chalk will make the palms dry (to somehow prevent sweatiness in palms) and enable better grip on the walls. However, best not to always put chalk powers on the palms as it will make the skin dry and the grips on the wall will be too chalky as the staff has to spend some time to wash those grips every 6 months.

Eugene also taught us the right techniques while climbing the wall, like how to hold the grip, right posture to allow people to see the possible grips/rocks on the wall for the lower limb to support.

I think rock-climbing is a very different sport compared to running, jogging and martial arts. It uses different set of muscles as well as train psychomotor skills to make people to think which rock for further grip support while trying to attempt to climb a wall successfully. Quite a lot of arm muscle will be needed to support the body weight and I think I am too heavy.

Well, I better try to lose my weight while train up my endurance at their Kallang outlet and my arm strength before I attempt on the intermediate climbing routes when I am free to drop by.

If you want cheaper rates for taking up their courses and using their facilities, you can sign up for their membership. They have special day offers too.

Do  note only CASH payment is accepted at both outlets. Credit card and NETS facilities are not available.

I did enjoyed my day at Climber’s lab and hope to visit any of their outlets to try out more routes and their boulders.


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