Singapore Heritage Festival 2012 – A celebration of our peranakan heritage

Katong – A place filled with rich peranakan heritage, a place where I lived near by since the day I was born and a place that is rich in history.

This is the 1st time that Singapore Heritage Festival was held at 112 Katong. Recollect, Reflect and Reconnect was the theme of 2012 Singapore Heritage Festival.

Of course, although I am not a Peranakan, however, I wanted to know more about my neighbourhood’s history and culture better to understand more about Katong and Joo Chiat.

I guess the Peranakan’s craze is still on even since Little Nyonya was shown in 2008 with more people knowing more about Peranakan culture then. With Peranakan Museum, people can know more about the rich peranakan culture in Singapore. With color batiks and kasut manek, accessories and food, what do you think about the peranakan culture?


Peranakan Kebaya.
Of course, I tried out how to sew beads for kasut manek.

Too bad I didnt have a picture of me attempting beading for kasut manek. It was very difficult as the holes were very small & minute. Very difficult to see the holes and put the needle at the right hole to achieve the right effect for the shoe design and pattern.

Besides that, Peranakan cooking is one of the most difficult. Although I never try how to prepare that, the preparation process was quite tedious as time is needed to bound the balachan, coloring & many more. I love their chendol, their kueh. Haha.

I hope to preserve this special type of peranakan heritage at my neighbourhood forever.


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