The Bosch Dream Kitchen Cookoff Contest

Bosch celebrates 50 years of cooking innovation with The Bosch Dream Kitchen Cookoff Contest. The auditions held on the 13-14 October 2012 saw 10 Teams through as semi finalists.

Now, you have the power to vote who qualifies and get to compete for the grand prize of The Bosch Dream Kitchen. Start voting from now till 1 November 2012 to see your favourite team through to the finals.

The top four finalist teams of your choice will then be mentored by Master Chefs as the Bosch Dream Kitchen Cookoff takes off online in the month of November.

Catch all of the action as it gets webcasted at
Each webisode promises viewers spectacular performances from the kitchen studio, as participants cook their way to impress their Mentoring Master Chefs. Adding a dash of tongue-in-cheek humour is host and local funny boy Hossan Leong, as he “slices and dices” his critique of the contestants.

With hopes and aspirations raised and crushed throughout the contest, which team will emerge the champion and claim the grand prize of their very own Bosch Dream Kitchen? Vote for the suitable/potential candidates to take part in the dream kitchen contest!


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