Food Review: Al’Waris Restaurant

Thank you Haren and Al’waris restaurant for organising this food review session.

Al’waris restaurant is an Indian muslim and thai seafood restaurant located at the heartlands of Bedok Reservoir Road (near Kaki Bukit Industrial area) and Eunos link area). It is located at ground level, blk 117 Bedok Reservoir Road.  Their opening hours is from 6am to 11.30pm and they may extend their opening hours till 12am during football games and public holidays.

Buses 8, 21, 22, 60, 65, 66 reach there. You can also take bus 5, 15, 58, 59, 87 and drop at Jalan Tenaga and walk there. (Click the image below to view the enlarged version of the map)


The shop owner is very friendly person.

For the football fans: You will definitely love coming here to this if you or your family do not subscribe to football channel! Ole ole ole ole….Ole! Goal!!!!! They have a TV for people to watch Football!


So what are their specialities dish?

– Nasi Bryani, Nasi Goreng USA. Sediap.

Here’s some of the menu:

I tried out some of the dishes from Al-Waris.

1. Seafood Hor-Fun


Seafood Horfun’s quite ok. Almost the same as the one that I eat at zichar stalls near my workplace and my neighbourhood.

2. Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice – Not nicely taken)

The rice (nasi) is nicely fried. Mixed with egg, ikan billis, green chilli and some vegetable. I do like it.

3. Nasi Goreng USA

I love the sunny side up for this dish. Very nicely done. Heard the meat used is mutton & it is a bit spicy. I love this dish very much and hope to try it again 1 day.

4. Rasam (appetizer) + Fish + Long bean

This is the 1st time trying out Rasam and the fish with the green paste. Tasted refreshing.

5. Green Apple Juice (freshly made)

 Good to have some sweet drinks while eating spicy dishes. I love this cup of green apple juice.

6. Milo Dinosaur

Didn’t tasted this yet. Milo Dinosaur.

7. Iced Lemon tea

Good to drink while eating spicy food. Can you see the seeds below? Freshly made.

8. Mixed Vegetable

Good to eat some vegetables & it’s quite soft to chew.

The only pity is that I did not have a chance to taste their signature Nasi Bryani as well as their desert – Tissue Chocolate (not chocolate coated on a piece of tissue). Will visit there when I am there again 1 day.

So do what to find out more about Al-Waris and their menu & services? Please visit for more information, menu & pricing of the food products, as well as ordering food.

You can contact them at 6674-6300 for delivery of food (minimum $10 purchase for them to deliver to nearby places such as Kaki Bukit Industrial area and home delivery within 3km radius). For further places such as central or western side of Singapore, more amount of purchase will be needed for the delivery.

It is hard to believe a heartland restaurant will provide delivery service too. Do try out their wonderful dishes 1 day at Al-Waris Restaurant.


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