MAMA Mnet Asia Music Awards 2012 at Hong Kong

Ahnyeong Haseyo! 안녕하세요! One of Korea’s most esteemed awards ceremony will be held in Hong Kong on 30 November 2012. I hope channel U will be broadcasting live that day.

As we all know that Psy has won best video for MTV Europe Music Awards, will he get another Best video & even more awards such as Best Song of the year for MAMA 2012? Due to Its global craze over his horse dance style & music in the US, Europe and Asia. Even Madonna, Heidi Klum, Ellen, Britney Spears are all crazy over the dance moves with his song. (Look at the video below for Heidi Klum & Psy dancing)

Heard that Psy’s Gangnam style has over taken Justin Bieber’s Baby on the number of views on Youtube.

Visit to see all the nominees of MAMA 2012 & vote for your favorites! I voted for Psy’s Gangnam style for the best song of the year!

Gamsahamnida감사합니다 for supporting Kpop music & giving out awards to those wonderful singers. And stay tune for Gangnam style performance as well? So are you ready to do the horse dance moves while watching the show?\


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