Food Review: Chengdu Restaurant


So what does Sichuan reminds you of?

Hmmm. Pandas. Since Wildlife Reserve Singapore has open its doors for visitors to visit Pandas (Kai Kai and Jia Jia) as the panda craze is rising up.

Image taken from Wikipedia

Gong Bao Ji Ding宫保鸡丁. Kung Pao Diced chicken.

Image taken from Wikipedia

Ma Po Tofu麻婆豆腐.

Or even chillies & spicy food?

Yes, Sichuan makes people think of delicious spicy food and pandas. So this time round I am introducing Chengdu Restaurant which is located at 243 Outram Road.

Chengdu Restaurant

Chengdu Restaurant serves Sichuan cuisine. The good thing about this restaurant is the customers can choose the level of spiciness for the food they order. Which is great as not every1 will like extreme spicy Sichuan food.

Isn’t it great to see the sight of the good food?

The restaurant owner, Mr Alex, was nice to give a bottle of water to everyone on the table. Mr Alex has shared some wonderful stories and mentioned that he  hired chef from Sichuan, just to make sure that his  restaurant serves good and delicious Sichuan food.


Cold Dish – Mashed Cucumber

This is an appetizer dish called Mashed Cucumber. Heard they used Japanese cucumber. It is very crunchy.


Catfish – Xiang La Yu

Of course, Xiang La Yu (Fragrant Spicy Fish) is one of the dishes you should try in Chengdu Restaurant. They used live catfish to cook this dish. So you can taste the freshness of the fish. And it is very cheap and affordable at $19.80. Which I cannot believe the price with such a big fish.

Bell pepper

Shui Chu Yu

This is Shui Zhu Yu. Mr Alex said he put quite a lot of effort to find the best ingredients for this special dish.

Shui Zhu Yu

Here’s the content of his restaurant’s specialty dish. Tau-gei & special type of beancurd skin. They used sheng yu (snakehead) to cook this dish.

Gu Lu Rou

Fu Gui Rou. Quite crispy. Best to eat with some rice.

Chen Pi Ji (Orange skin chicken)

How about this? This dish used quite a lot of dried chilli. Orange skin was used preparing this dish. This dish has a moderate level of spiciness + crispiness. Best to consume it when it’s hot & best not to take away as it may lost its crispiness due to the condensation of the steam inside the box.

Who says all the sichuan dishes are spicy?

Here’s 1 of the exception:

Shang Tang Wa Wa Cai

This dish is called Shang Tang Wa Wa Cai. Soup base was used to cook this dish with Wa Wa Cai (looks like beijing cabbage but it’s a smaller version). Century egg, meat, gingko nuts and Goji seeds are used as well. According to Mr Alex, this dish is only available in his restaurant and it’s nourishing.

Soup & ingredient choices for Steamboat

Mr Alex also showed us the list for the soup & ingredients choices for steamboat. Customers can choose the type of soup base, ingredients for this soup. The prices of the ingredients + soup base are listed on this list. Price charges according to the number of ingredients used + type of soup base.

I hope to try more of other Sichuan dishes as well and the steamboat too when I come back to the restaurant.

The best part is You do not need to go to Sichuan to have a taste of good and affordable Sichuan food. Just go to Chengdu Restaurant to try out authentic Sichuan food. No need to pay service tax and gst for any purchase! Isn’t it great?

For regular customers of Chengdu restaurant, you can get a membership card and get 10% discount on the amount of food purchase from Chengdu Restaurant. Sounds great right?

How to go to Chengdu Restaurant?

243 Outram Road Singapore 169045
Tel : +65 6222-5335 (click the link to view the map)

You can take  buses 33, 63, 75, 851 or 970 and drop at Outram Road (near the Etonhouse Preschool) or buses 5, 16 ,33, 63, 75, 123, 175, 195, 851, 970 and drop at Tiong Bahru Road (near block 55) and walk there. Or you can walk about 1-2 bus stops distance from Outram MRT station.

If you are lazy to travel to Outram Road/Tiong Bahru to have the taste of Sichuan food, you can call their hotline at 6222-5335 for delivery. Best is to call them early at around 3pm, so that you do not need to wait for the food for too long. Do note that peak hours is from 5pm onwards.

There’s another branch around Jalan Besar Stadium area & People Association HQ (1 bus stop distance away from Lavendar MRT station), near Tyrwhitt Road as well. Perhaps you can also visit there as well for a taste of Sichuan food at Chengdu Restaurant. Bus 130 reaches there.


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