The Search for Host of Rediffusion (丽的呼声) now ON!

Rediffusion (丽的呼声) Singapore is a company founded in 1949, which originally pioneered cable radio in Singapore, and has touted itself as Singapore’s only subscription radio service. In the 1960s and 1970s, the station’s dialect programmes enjoyed a strong following, and many households were fitted with the Rediffusion set. When the Speak Mandarin Campaign was launched, Rediffusion was required to stop all dialect programmes by 1982. Facing the ban and increased competition from free-to-air radio, subscription plunged. By the 2000s, Rediffusion had become a shadow of its glorious past.

In April 2012, Rediffusion was under receivership and went off air on 30 April. Its branding and some of the assets was brought over by Eduplus Holdings in June 2012. The new Rediffusion will relaunch in early 2013 with fresh content and a new identity, but will preserve its history. It will produce original content that will be distributed over multiple platforms, which will include VOD, cable, mobile, wireless devices, social media and other platforms. Rediffusion will have its’ own ‘Rediffusion Originals’ that include talk shows, news, entertainment, business, fashion, lifestyle and TV specials. Rediffusion’s goal is to provide relevant, diverse, exciting and uplifting programming geared towards the international market.”

The new Rediffusion promises to expand its content and programmes to appeal to all age groups, both young and old.

This Search for Host of Rediffusion Contest is their first initiative to look for a fresh batch of artistes to represent Rediffusion across all our media platforms in the coming months.

The Contest is open to both talented amateur and professional artistes of all ages, so long as they are interested to showcase their hosting and performing talents on TV, Internet, Radio and Live Events.  Don’t let your hosting & performing talent get buried behind your screen. Show it to the world proudly! Yippee! If you are intereest, please visit #Rediffusion contest page at for more info!


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