Movie Review: The Tower (Korean)

Ahnyeong Haseyo! Sorry for the lacking of updates.

I watched ‘The Tower’ (Korean movie) at Shaw Lido on 21 Jan 2013. Heard this movie’s very touching and sad yet it involves quite a lot of graphics to make it realistic with the inferno flames & shattered glass.

A disaster movie from South Korea about hundreds of people trapped inside a skyscraper engulfed in flames on christmas eve is the country’s first hit of the year. Starting with Son Ye Jin (Summer Scent and Personal Taste) as Eun Hee, Kim Sang Kyung as Lee Dae Ho and Sol Kyung Gu as the firefighter captain – Kang Young ki and Cha In-Pyo as President of Tower Sky. The movie takes place on Christmas Eve at the glitzy opening of a 108-story twin-tower luxury building in the heart of Seoul.

Although I rarely watch Cha In Pyo’s dramas on TV, however, I can recognise him acting as the president of the Tower Sky. Do catch this movie if you can. It’s one of the greatest korean movie I have seen and you will appreciate the firefighter’s hardwork on saving people’s lives while help to put off fire. It will be coming to Singapore’s Cinemas from 24 Jan 2013 onwards.

Do not worry if you don’t understand korean as there will be both English and Chinese subtitles.

Here’s the trailer of this movie:


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