Moments of Delight

Thank you Haren and Moments of Delights for this wonderful invite to taste ice cream. Yummy! All their ice cream flavours are handmade and uses quality ingredients to make.

Moments of Delight do have $15/pax Eat All You Can in 1Hour ice cream buffet for the customers.

Wow. So many flavours to choose from….


They do sell fruity sorbets too (eg. Lemon, passionfruit, pineapple)

Cannot wait to try them all!

They do sell juices and pastries as well.

Or do you want to have a cuppa tea?

Or have a coffee?

Or thinking of having waffles with ice cream with some sauces?

Or do you want to add some toppings together with ice cream?

Do you want to relax and enjoy good desserts and drink at a comfortable area within the cafe with friends?

I think moments of delights is 1 of the good places to go while having desserts with friends and/or family. Comfortable surrounding with good ambience regardless of inside or outside of the cafe. A good place for a group of some friends to meet up and chit chat while enjoying ice cream. Of course, it’s best not to eat melted ice cream.

They also have takeaway tub promotion till end of feb 2013. Do note that their ice cream is best not to keep outside at room temperature or too long to ensure the freshness for consumption.

Beside that, we tried out all the flavours that moment of delights produced. Here’s some of the flavours such as Passionfruit sorbet, seasalt caramel, lemom sorbet, pineapple sorbet, mango sorbet, chocolate, cookies and cream, vanilla, hazelnut nutella, peanut butter with snickers, strawberry, chewy brownie, lychee raspberry rose sorbet, coffee with baileys, rum raisins and durian flavor. It’s all the hardwork from the lady boss.

Of course, I like to put some ice cream (eg. caramel or vanilla) on the waffle to enjoy the good taste.

Close up of some ice cream flavours

Rum raisin

After trying out all the flavours of the ice cream and sorbet, it really tasted like the real thing. I could tasted the bitterness of the dark chocolate (for chocolate flavour), richness of durian (durian flavor), sourness of the lemon (lemon sorbet), passionfruit for passionfruit sorbet, nutella hazelnut and so on.

Their seasalt caramel is 1 of their specialty ice cream. It tasted better than the caramel ice cream that I bought from the supermarket. The price is worth for the taste and the quality as they are made with great ingredients.

So what are my favorite flavors? They are vanilla, seasalt caramel, peppermint, strawberry and hazelnut nutella. I do like some of the sorbet flavours such as lemon and pineapple as they are more healthy and have a very nice fruity taste. Do try their ice cream and sorbet for the ice cream buffet if you are planning to go there.

Moments of Delights is located at 201 Telok Kurau Road, #01-05, Kurau Court, 423910. Tel: 96838422. Opens from 12pm to 10pm. Buses 15 and 155 goes there. Here’s how you can reach Moments of Delights… Or you can walk from still road (via bus 966, 55 and 13) to Lorong L Telok Kurau, Kurau court.

Map Telok Kurau

For more updates, you can also visit their facebook page at


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