Advertisement: The Shaver for the modern man (Philips)

Don’t be a caveman – electric shaving is the modern way to shave to look and feel your best everyday.
The Philips AquaTouch is the shaver for the modern man and gives you:
– A smooth shave that protects you from cuts better than a regular blade
– A smooth wet or dry shave: suitable for Asian consumers who are used to wet shaving
– A cost-effective way to shave – with a 3 year warranty and self-sharpening blades an AquaTouch is cheaper than 3 years’ worth of blades
The rounded low-friction protection heads of Philips AquaTouch shavers contour to the curves of the face to prevent skin damage. The electric shavers are 100% waterproof and allow you to shave in or out of the shower!

Ditch that caveman look and shave your way to modern sophistication.


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