Get A Grip, Singapore with Canon Powershot N!

How many times have you seen your friend post a similar photo of a latte from the café they are visiting? Or, the cat they are looking at on their void deck? This list goes on… For the same or similar photos

Now is your opportunity to take a Pledge against such same same photos and be a part of the Get A Grip movement. The first 500 people to pledge will get a free t-shirt!

By visiting the site – – you can use the “Creative Mode” to freshen up your photos on Facebook in the click of a button, you can you can tag your friends who are guilty of always posting boring photos – like the one who always posts latte art – and, you can showcase your best photos to prove you have a grip on your pics!  Look at the differences between the 2 photos!

Original Picture


Creative Mode

More importantly, Canon’s giving away the ultimate tool to help Singaporeans Get a Grip on their photos – the new Canon PowerShot N camera! Each week one camera is up for grabs for people who have taken part in the movement.


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