Be 10cm lesser, 5kg lighter with Eu Yan Sang TCM clinic

Under the faithful guidance of the Eu Yan Sang TCM physician, Shiberty (Jessica Loh) lost 5.2kg and more than 10cm from her tummy/ hips/ butt area! Congrats Shiberty for losing some weight healthily.

Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinics would like to offer the opportunity to 2 ladies to achieve a beautiful body the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) way. And when we say body beautiful, we mean not just being able to put on a dress that is a few sizes smaller, we mean being in the prettiest pink of health as well!

Kickstart the way to a healthier you with the fun 5km SHAPE Run and a 3 month TCM weight management program with Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinics worth more than $2,000 each!  I can’t wait to lose weight healthily too!

To find out how to enter this contest, visit: (this contest is only for people who resides in Singapore)


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