Shine Youth Festival 2013 Opening ceremony on 29 June 2013


The yearly Shine Youth Festival is back again from 29 June to 28 July 2013! This year theme is #Freeyouryou and it’s filled up with events organize by the youths for the youths.

So What is #freeyouryou? Dream. Voice. Act. Yes, all youths have their dreams and hope that they can voice out their aspirations and act it out. We have different dreams and different talents and we need not need to be afraid that we cannot achieve it, so that we can turn the negativity into positivity thoughts. Life should be filled up with hope. So that we can make the world a better place. Don’t you think so?

Well despite of the slight haze condition (it was worse during 17 to 22 June 2013) and some of the outdoor activities had been cancelled (eg SHINE in 60 seconds). Thus, most of the activities were held indoors except the most exciting cosmo parade from Scape to 313 Somerset and then back to Scape. I was relieved that I didn’t have to wear a N95 mask or surgery mask out unlike the week before.

At least there’s still energy from the cosmo paraders! #freeyouryou  – haze didn’t dampen their spirits despite the event was smaller scale compared to last year! The participants (cosmo parade) were so excited to wear those cute costumes and march around Orchard Road area. Bravo!

Here’s the programme for the opening festival at Scape.

Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, was the Guest of Honour for this opening event.

Some glimpses of participants’ costumes during Shine Youth Festival 2013:

The Army Guards…..

Monster during medieval time?

Blue Dragon

Beautiful Cleopatra

Mister Potato!

Does he look familiar on the cans of potato chips found in supermarkets? Mister Potato.

There were other activities around the Scape area too.

Vanguard Card Competition

Japanese Anime Drawing

I don’t think I can draw up to this standard. However, I can sense the artist put in a lot of effort to draw this.

Pika Pika Cafe

Stall selling cosmo parade collectibles


I hope I can learn how to play Cajon. I played percussion drums. Looks fun to me.

Now it’s time for Music for a Cause with 3 local acts.

Host for Music for a Cause 2013

1st Music performance from The Huckleberry Friends

The Huckleberry Friends – Xue Yi and Marcus (Jon was absent as he wasn’t feeling well)

Xue Yi and Marcus from the Huckleberry friends were full of energy to perform despite their groupmate, Jon wasn’t able to come to perform as a trio.

For more info on the Huckleberry friends, please visit:

Facebook page –

Youtube videos –

My Space page‎‎

2nd music performance – Clarence Liew

He wasn’t new to Shine Youth Festival as he performed during last year’s Shine Youth Festival Concert (picture shown below). This year he brought his friend, Benjamin,  to perform along with him, on keyboard.

He sung Maroon 5’s payphone and Sunday Morning, a Malay song called Terima Kasih and some other songs.

For more information about Clarence Liew, please visit:

Facebook page –

Youtube videos –

Twitter page –

The last music performance – The Sam Willows

This is my 1st time watching them performing live. The Sam Willows are made up of 4 members, 2 siblings – Narelle and Benjamin Kheng, and 2 friends, Jon Chua and Sandra Tang. Their songs are great. I love the last song that they performed. It’s called Glasshouse.

For more information about The Sam Willows, please visit:

Official Website –

Facebook page –

Youtube videos –

Twitter –

There will be more exciting activities coming up! Such as Singapore Street Festival, Jump Asia, Clans Youth Got Talent, Project Dreamchasers, MP3 Experiment Singapore and many more. Do find some time to take part in some of the events if you are free.

For more information of the events, please visit

Cannot wait to attend some of the Shine Youth Festival Events in the month of July!


There’s also some online activities on Shine Youth Festival facebook page for us to join/vote.

1. Pledge to Shine

Have you pledge to shine yet? Visit By pledging, it is a good action plan for you to work on towards a positive goal =)! You can post pictures/write your resolutions.

2. Stars of Shine 2013 Voting

There is 18 Nominees for Stars of Shine and I have voted for 1 of the nominees via fb app. Do visit to vote for the nominees you think they deserve to win. They have contribute to the community in a special way despite of the hardships they experienced. Results will be out before the end of Shine Youth Festival 2013. Whether they win the award or not, they are still winners in our heart and continue to contribute to the community.

Let’s #Freeyouryou & give back to  the community not just during Shine Youth Festival, however, should be on daily basis.


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