6th Singapore Blog Awards 2013

Although I was not at the Shanghai Dolly to attend the 6th Singapore Blog Awards 2013, however, we can see a number of new faces as winners of the different blog categories except Elrica who won Best Beauty Blog in both 2012 and 2013 as well as the same winners for the celebrity category. Even those who didn’t win, they are considered to be winners. Congrats to all.

Here are the winners of this year’s Singapore Blog Awards 2013:

Celebrity category (the winners have been announced in end June 2013)

1. Panasonic Most popular overseas celebrity blog/microblog

Alien Huang 小鬼 – https://www.facebook.com/aes.alien

He was the previous winner for the same category in last year Singapore Blog Awards.

2. Panasonic Most popular local celebrity blog/microblog

Jeanette Aw 欧萱 –  https://www.facebook.com/xuantasy

I am so happy for her as I am her fan and this is her 6th time getting this award from this category.

Main Categories

There are 10 Main categories in total.

1. Panasonic Best Photograpy Blog

Travelgraphy / Christina Gao – http://travelgraphy.wordpress.com/

Pictures speak a thousand words. She loves to use pictures to tell people about the stories.

2. Exabytes Best Individual Blog

Working With Grace / Grace Tan – http://workingwithgrace.wordpress.com/

She is a fan of Hello Kitty. Her blog specialises on interviews with inspiring people.

3. Levi’s Best Fashion Blog

J U S T J A S L I N | Fashion Blogger / Jaslin Tan – http://www.justjaslin.com/

Being trendy is not easy for piecing different outfits to make it presentable.

4. Nanyang Optical Best Lifestyle Blog

Scissors Paper Stone Blog / Jasmine Koh – http://www.scissorspaperstoneblog.com/

Lifestyle = having fun in what you like to do.

5. Best Family Blog

Sakura Haruka / Ai Sakura – http://www.sakuraharuka.com/

It is not easy to write blogposts on family activities.

6. Best Food Blog

Johor Kaki Food Guide / Tony Johor Kaki – http://johorkaki.blogspot.sg/

Good to makan (eat)!

7. Best Travel Blog

蓝天白云数格子 / Sock Peng – http://mylovelybluesky.com/

Good to read up travel blogs before or while planning to go for a short getaway.

8. Best What-the-hell Blog

俊凭|一个声音部落格 / 俊凭 Willy – http://www.lonelyclass.com/

9. Best V-log (video blog)

ninjagirls.sg / Ninja Girls – http://www.youtube.com/user/ninjagirlsSG

Not easy to be creative while recording videos for the viewers to watch.

10. Best Microblog

Spin or Bin Music / Spin or Bin Music – https://twitter.com/spinorbinmusic

Tweet tweet in 140 characters  on twitter or limited characters on weibo. Not easy to keep it short & sweet yet exciting.

Special Categories

There are 7 special categories in total.

1. Panasonic Best Beauty Blog (3 grand winners in total)

– Pinkbuble In Da House / Elrica –  http://pink-buble.blogspot.sg/

– Ribbons, Rainbows and PixieDust / Elaine – http://www.elaine73.blogspot.sg/

– Love is Eternal / Karen aka Renzze  – http://www.renzze.com/

Not easy to maintain beauty blog while sharing beauty tips with the readers.

2. Panasonic Best Cooking Blog

Celestial Delish / Celes – http://www.celestialdelish.com/

Cooking good food is not easy than savoring good food.

3. Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Blog

The Lazy Lizard’s Tales / Ivan Kwan – http://lazy-lizard-tales.blogspot.com/

Being eco-friendly is a challenge and sharing is not easy to promote on this issue.

4. Glossi Best Modelling Blog

Love is Eternal / Karen aka Renzze – http://www.renzze.com/

5. JBL Best Pop/Music Blog

Mint.Music / Mint Leong – http://mintleong.sg/

Sharing good music is not easy. There are many good pieces of music written for people to listen and share.

6. Levi’s Best 501 Interpretation Blog

Claire’s Flair / Claire – http://www.claires-flair.com/

Go Levi’s go Levi’s. Go Levi’s (jeans).

7. Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog (5 winners in total)

1st: mitsueki’s blog / mitsueki – http://www.mitsueki.wordpress.com/

2nd: Youthinkicarewhatyousay?/ ANdyStorm – www.imandystorm.com

3rd: Shopping Queen’s Haven / Regina Chow – reginachow.blogspot.sg

3rd: lukeyishandsome(dot)com/ Luke Phang – http://www.lukeyishandsome.com/

3rd: Muses 맨날 속속한 것…/ jeez-jia – http://faithjoyhope.blogspot.sg/



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