Big Gulp Mixology Installation at Cineleisure Orchard from 3-11 Aug 2013

7-Eleven will be launching its first visually-captivating outdoor installation for ‘Big Gulp Mixology’ campaign. The campaign will be featuring a floor art installation with 3D sculptures of 7-Eleven’s iconic Big Gulp cups pouring sodas into a giant whirlpool!

With this Mixology campaign, 7-Eleven is encouraging people create their own unique and yummy concoction by mixing different flavours of soda from the Gulp selection!

You can check out the art installation which will be placed outside Cineleisure Orchard from 3-11 August! On weekends from 11am-7pm, you can also get a chance to snap photos with the Gulp mascot and bring home balloons too!

Additionally, there will be an instagram contest will be held from 3 – 11 August whereby 3 winners with the most creative post will be selected and given $100 choice voucher each! So snap, snap, snap away!


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