Philips Sonicare 60 Seconds AirFloss Challenge

A recent survey from Philips has revealed that good teeth and a nice smile are on the top of the agenda for 85 percent of Singaporeans.88 per cent of Singaporeans wish there was a product available that could make brushing more effective for them and 63 percent think that flossing is too time consuming. Sometimes, even I myself, find flossing is too time consuming & my gums bleed while flossing and some areas are very difficult to do flossing.

The Philips Sonicare AirFloss, with its innovative technology, allows for targeted cleaning of your entire mouth in 60 seconds, while using less than one teaspoon of water!

Through the Philips Sonicare 60 Seconds AirFloss Challenge, they would like users to tell them what they think would be easier than flossing with the Philips Sonicare AirFloss – something that they can do in 60 seconds or less that can improve their health like the AirFloss can!

So how will the Philips Sonicare 60 Seconds AirFloss Challenge take place?

Wave 1:
1. People submit their challenges of things they can do in 60 seconds or less to improve their health!
2.10 lucky finalists will be chosen based on votes & internal judging criteria

Wave 2:
1. The 10 finalists will receive the Philips Sonicare AirFloss & will have to create a video of them fulfilling the challenge the proposed!
2. 1 lucky winner will be picked by the public!

This lucky winner stands a chance to win a 60-second shopping spree at the Philips showroom (in Singapore), where they can walk away with free Philips products!

So will you be that lucky one? Start by submitting your challenge now and get your friends to do so too! Visit to find out more details for the product and how to join the Philips Sonicare 60 seconds Airfloss challenge!


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