Silkpro Hairvolution!

We are living in a fast -paced world now. Pressure from work and studies, keeping up with the latest hair trends have subjected our hair and scalp to tremendous stress. These inevitably create irreversible damage such as lack of hair shine or brittle hair. There is no quick fix but we can control the damage by caring for our hair from the roots to promote healthy hair growth.

Based on this belief, Silkpro introduces this revolutionary 3-step regime which emphasized that with proper scalp protection, natural beautiful hair will follow!

Alternating between two shampoos keeps scalp and hair receptive to each product’s benefits with every wash. Our step one encourages you to use a Hair Fall Control shampoo as a base and alternate with another Silkpro treatment shampoo on a daily basis. Follow up by Silkpro Treatment Conditioner that is specially enriched with natural active ingredients to care for as well as protect hair texture and colour, ideal for individuals with colour-treated hair.

Last but not least our hero product – Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate that leaves a pleasantly warm sensation on the scalp due to the warming properties of its active ingredients.  Our hair is just like a piece of ‘fabric’, and we must take good care of it to prevent frizzing ends. So do try Silkpro today!

To join the Silkpro Hairvolution and transform the way you care for your hair, visit!


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