Music Video IU(아이유) _ The red shoes(분홍신 Bun Hong Shin)

IU (Lee Ji-Eun) is back with something different. 1930s music.

Hope you enjoy this fun song.



Sharekool – Sharing the world with you!

ShareKool - Sharing The World With Youe

Welcome to Sharekool, the community platform for people like you and me to promote the basic instinct of sharing!

Via Sharekool fun Mobile Apps, we aim to foster a better environment where neighbours share their festive goodies, buddies pass on hand-me-downs, and strangers share their umbrella in the rain.

While Sharekool work hard to achieve more in our daily lives, why not include simple acts of sharing to reduce wastage and help everyone to move away from Sharekool’s existing self-centered ways.


So what is Sharekool all about? Yes it is about share economy.

Share Economy has already been in some parts of our daily lives for a long time:

Hobbyists and forums: Baking, Handicraft, Flea Markets (old stuff for sale, anyone?)

Pooling and Bartering: Car Co-ops, Serviced offices, Bulk Purchases, Trade-in purchases

Many social groups and organizations have already been promoting Share Economy in Singapore.

Organisations such as ICarClub, BlockPooling, FlagAHero, Sharekool, and many more are working to

provide effective platforms to Singaporeans, for an alternative way to better working and living.

Freelance and part-time work: Makeup, Photography, Modelling

ShareKool app wish to promote this sharing culture. With ShareKool, you can share to earn, collect points for cash, and even enjoy discounts from businesses/merchant tie-ups. Isn’t it sharing is cool?

Joining Sharekool is very easy as long as you own either Iphone, Ipad or android device.

Application Installation:

1st, you will need to download the application using either iphone, ipad or android device.

2nd, You will be divert to App store or Google Play to install the app.

3rd, Click on the Install button to start installation.

4th, Access the application on the mobile device.

5th, Login with your email address and password that you registered during signup.

6th, Click on the login button and you will be diverted to the one-time password page.

7th, When you receive a SMS from Sharekool, input the one-time password and click on the login button,

8th, congratulation for login to the app.

Besides that, all the members will have stand a chance to win something from weekly draw. The more friends you ask them to join Sharekool, the higher the chances of winning vouchers and/or mini pad.

Do visit and join the benefits of Share Economy, sharing the good news and good deals with people with Sharekool! And it is free for all the users!