Movie Trailer: Ah Boyz to Men III – Frogmen

It is a uniquely Singaporean Movie  featuring army life of the National Service men in the Navy unit by Jack Neo. Some of the Ah Boyz to Men I and II charactors are back in action – Joshua Tan as Ken Chow, Irene Ang as Mrs Chow (Ken’s mother), Richard Low as Mr Chow (Ken’s father), Wang Weiliang as Lobang, Aileen Tan as Mrs Lo (Lobang’s mother), Malaysian Actress Joey Leong as Lo Wei (Lobang’s sister), Maxi Lim as Aloysius Jin, Wesley Wong (Hong Kong Actor, Angie Chiu’s son) as Hei Long aka Black Dragon, Tosh Zhang as Sergeant  Alex Ong, Jasper Lai as Handsome, Bunz as Sam Justin Dominic Mission and a few others.

It was not an easy movie to film as the actors had to undergo many training – Martial arts, Navy drills and 1 of the actors was hospitalised and a few got injured. Do catch this movie at the nearest cinemas nearby and enjoy!

Here’s the trailer: 


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