Foster The People – Are You What You Want to Be?

Foster the people is famous for their song “Pumped up Kicks”. I got addicted to this song after watching Singapore Mediacorp’s advertisement. It is a more of an Indie Pop with an artistic feel for this song.

Here’s the Mediacorp’s advertisement:

Here’s the full version of this song “Are you What you want to be?”

Hope you enjoy this song!


Do you feel helpless like a loser? This song from Bigbang 빅뱅 is one of the greatest songs made for their album “MADE”. 3 of the members G-Dragon (lyrics), T.O.P (lyrics) and Taeyang (music) were involved in the production of this song. It has a melancholic chant showing the dark and sad side of people’s life with the well-written lyrics that won the hearts of many supporters.

People always experience ups and downs in their life. I hope people will not feel like they are losers in the life, however, this can be served as a learning point where people can move on and grow to be a stronger person.

Hope you enjoy this song.