Shine Festival 2015 at Orchard Road from 10 to 12 July 2015

Shine Festival will be back this year from 10, 11 and 12 July 2015 this year at Orchard Road with a brand new name! It was known as Shine Youth Festival previously. This recharged three-day Festival Weekend along the stretch of ION Orchard to Ngee Ann City from 10 – 12 July in celebration of its 10th edition

A number of youtubers – David Cho, Arden Cho, Ryan Higa, many more and local singer – Shigga Shay, and dancers will gather at Orchard Road for this event organised by the youths for the youth.

Come down and #Buildyourworld with SHINE Festival! Visit for details and updates on the festival!


See you all then! Enjoy the party at ION Orchard area from 10 to 12 July 2015!


Free Cooking Demo at Panasonic Event Hall on 20 June 2015

Thank you and Panasonic for the invitation for Free Cooking demo at Panasonic Event Hall on 20 June 2015. This event was hosted by Joanne Marie Sim and Chef – Madam Theresa Wong.It was a wonderful experience as many people and I saw the wonders of how Panasonic blender, bread maker and multi-purpose oven can make different dishes just by pressing the right buttons on these appliances. Some of them volunteered to be involved to make some of the dishes together with Mdm Wong..

Madam Theresa Wong uses these appliances to prepare nice dishes as simple as ABC. Just remember to use the right buttons, right timing and right functions and voila – nice dishes on the table.

The past – people had to use mortar and pestle to grind spices and prepare dishes (as seen from The Little Nyonya drama featuring Jeanette Aw). A lot of time and effort was needed to prepare nice food and dishes on the table then. Now times are very different. Mdm Wong would show us how to cook smart with a few dishes.

Above picture: My home mortar without pestle.

The Multi-function Panasonic Bread Maker – SD-P104

The 3-in-1 Panasonic Blender

Panasonic Multi-function Inverter Oven

Have you even heard Panasonic Bread Make SD-P104 can make delicious Kaya paste besides making bread? I never heard that a simple bread maker can make Kaya. In the olden days, people have to pound and stir very hard to make delicious food. I never taste homemade Kaya despite I love Kaya spread very much.

1st Dish: Kaya Spread

The blender and the bread maker were used in the production of kaya spread.

Have you see different types of kaya before in the market? Most of the kaya i seen are green while a few of them – in brown colour.

The degree of green for the kaya depends on how much pandan flavoring is used, If it is not used, it will be more brown in colour.

Sieving before putting the kaya “solution” into the breadmaker.

Programme number 12 is used for Kaya making. Madam Wong mentioned that while the bread mixer’s churning for the formation of kaya, she had to open up the lid and stir the kaya “solution.

After 90 minutes of stirring and here’s the end product from the bread maker. It looks more like green coloured coconut scamble egg right?

Madam Wong’s doing some magic using Panasonic Blender to make the kaya into a smooth paste.

Now it looked more like a real kaya to me….

Time to take a sample of homemade Kaya spread on home-made bread… Yummy

Homemade Kaya… Nice.

I got a small jar of Kaya to try. Homemade kaya must be kept in the fridge as soon as possible to last for 1-2 weeks time. If not, it has to be consumed within 1 day.

2nd Dish – Home made bread

Adding yeast after churning the dough for some time. You can also add ingredients into the square box section for this breadmaker. Programme number 2 was used for breadmaking.

It can be preset for up to 13 hours for the breadmaking if no eggs are used for the bread.

End product: Homemade bread (cut into smaller pieces)

3rd Dish: Herbal Steamed Chicken (using Oven)

Preparation of Chicken:

The Chinese herbs (Wolfberry aka Gou Qi Zi, Danggui, Orange peel and etc) can be purchased from supermarket and brew/Steam the chicken. The herbs were soaked beforehand and used for enhance the chicken taste while steaming the chicken.

Wrapping up the chicken with foil.

Chicken has to be steamed for at least 1hour. If you want a softer chicken, steam for 90 minutes.

Volunteer – helping to preset the steam time to 1st 30 minutes for the chicken. Water had to be added before steaming the chicken and top up more water after 30 minutes of steaming and resume the last 30minutes of steaming for the chicken.

End product after 1 hour of steaming:

Verdict: Soft, nice and the chicken does not taste spicy. With the Chinese Herbs, I could taste the sweet taste from the soup.

4th Dish: Steamed Yam Cake

Preparing Yam Cake with diced yam, pumpkin (without removing its skin).

Mdm Wong used the oven to fry the shallots, dry prawns and Chinese sausage.

Usage of oil to fry the scallops using Panasonic Inverter Oven – End product:

Usage of Panasonic Inverter Oven for making dried shrimp crispier:

Time to steam the yam and pumpkin to soften them before steaming for about 6minutes..

Then pour out all the ingredient onto the metal plate for 30minutes of steaming. (water will be added to the oven for steaming)

End product after 30 minutes of steaming:

Usage of spring onions and sliced chilli for decoration on Yam cake (to make it more colourful):

Voila – a more colourful steamed yam cake!

Last dish: Steamed Tapioca with Grated Coconut

Just pour in the right amount of ingredients and water, use the blender to mix well

Ready to be steamed on a pan… with Panasonic Inverter Oven.

End product for Steam Tapioca Kueh coated with Grated Coconut. Yummy.

Are you quite surprised that these 3 Panasonic appliances can help to whip up nice dishes and meals? Panasonic bread maker also have quite a number of functions such as making chocolates, adding ham, raisins into the bread dough, setting timer mode up to 13 hours. Panasonic blender can detached with whisp, blender. Panasonic oven can be used for steaming, microwave, heat up food, “fry” items. Isn’t it wonderful to cook smart with these Panasonic appliances?

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28th SEA games 2015 in Singapore

It is not easy to wait for 22 years for SEA games to be hosted in Singapore.

Missed 28th SEA games 2015 countdown videos:

Here is the link to view the countdown videos – 

Unable to catch 28th SEA games live on Television?  Now you can watch it via mobile devices or youtube at any time.

We can go to  youtube channel at Sports Singapore and watch the uploaded videos on the actions, the highlights and behind the scenes during your free time.

Want to buy tickets to watch 28th SEA games live? 

Go to to find out which tickets are available to purchase. Some of the venues for certain sports events are free of charge while some may cost around $5 to $20 per session.

Link to purchase tickets:

Want to experience SEA games activities?

Do visit Sports Hub’s SEA games carnival from now till 16 June 2015 between 10am to 8pm. You can purchase some 28th SEA games T-shirts, pins, play Hockey Golf, Table Tennis, Laser Tag and many other activities.

To go to Sports Hub, you can take Circle Line to Stadium MRT station or take bus 11 or walk from Kallang MRT station via Kallang Pass.

Hope you enjoy the 28th SEA games in Singapore from 5 June 2015 to 16 June 2015!!!