Singapore Blog Awards 2015 at F.Club Singapore

Thank you for the invitation to Singapore Blog Awards 2015 at F.Club Singapore on 23 July 2015. 

Interior of F.Club Singapore

This event was grace by Ms Low Yen Ling, Mayor of South West CDC.

This event was hosted by Xiaozhu, DJ from 100.3FM. –

Here’s the list of the following winners for the different categories:

For the voting categories:

  1. Favorite Local Celebrity Instagram

    Congrats to Jeanette Aw Xuan, one of my favourite local artistes! Visit her instagram – for updates!

  2. Favourite Overseas Celebrity Instagram Winners

    Congrats to Choi Siwon 崔始源 from 슈퍼주니어Syupeo Junieo Super Junior.Do catch his upcoming cycling movie starring together with Eddie Pang in local Cinemas!

  3. Favourite Twitter Influencer: 

    Congrats to Our Prime Minister – PM Lee. Visit his Twitter:

  4. Favourite Youtube Channel:

    Congrats to Wahbanana! Visit the videos at

Special Awards sponsored by Panasonic:

  1. Best Beauty Blog Winner:

    Congrats to Fiona Seah! Do visit for her beauty updates!

  2. Most Popular Beauty Blog winner: 

    Congrats to Cheryl Chio! Do visit for her beauty updates!

  3. Best Cooking and Most Popular Cooking Blog 

    Congrats to Diana Gale for being a dual winner for the cooking blog category! Do visit her blog at for cooking tips!

10 Most Popular Blogs (based on public voting):

They are:

  1. Johor Kaki Food and Travel – Johor Kaki
  2. Bumble Bee Mum – Bumble Bee Mum
  3. A happy Mum – Summer Goh
  4. Mum in the Making – Mama J
  5. Little Miss Bento – Shirley Wong
  6. Life’s Tiny Miracles – Angie and David
  7. 小熊物语-阿宝的日记 – Ah Pou (阿宝)
  8. McDonald’s Around the World – TravellingMcDs
  9. theRantingPanda – theRantingPanda
  10. SG Unfit Runners – SG Unfit Runners

Judges Choices for the 9 Blog Categories:

  1. Best Family Blog Winner:

    Rascal Dads | 流氓老爸 – Darren How / Victor Tai  

  2. Best Fashion Blog Winner:

    ULIMALI – Uli 

  3. Best Food Blog Winner:

    Ms Skinnyfat – Ms Skinnyfat 

  4. Best Health & Wellness Blog Winner:

    PrisChew Dot Com – Pris Chew 

  5. Best Individual Blog Winner:

    @Filmnomenon [Reviews by Eternality Tan] – Eternality Tan 

  6. Best Lifestyle Blog Winner:

    It’s all about valyn – Valyn Lim 

  7. Best New Blog Winner:

    Kat Eyes – Kat Eyes

  8. Best Topical Blog Winner:

    Little Miss Bento – Shirley Wong 

  9. Best Travel Blog Winner:

    Pohtecktoes – Traveling in the Moment – Pohtecktoes 

Best Dress Contest – The contestants Group picture:

Featuring: Ah Gong and Ah Ma, Smith (dressed up with his labcoat), Ninja Girls and the lovely couple

The winner is …. Ah Gong and Ah Ma! (Sorry for the poor pictures taken!)

Left part of my trail for Omy Singapore Blog Award 2015!

Overview of this event: I would say that nowadays blogs are getting more and more interactive with more micro-updates from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is interesting to read blogs with links, photos and limited words and even more creative. It will be more and more competitive and difficult for the bloggers to get blog awards. I can see how much effort many of these finalists and winners for writing wonderful posts that brighten up our lives! Well done, every bloggers! Continue the good work! 

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