About me

I enjoy what I enjoy in my life.

What do you really enjoy in your life?

We can see the world of different colours with our eyes.

Do appreciate if you can see the different colours around us.

Let’s blend our lives with different colours and enjoy the different moments of colours in our lives.

We can describe our day with different colours or even the events that we attended and our experiences in our lives too.

Everyone is unique in their own world filled with colours.

How about you?

Note that Black is not a dull colour as people can use it to write and highlight some features and make us look slimmer while wearing black. Don’t you think so.

let’s see those beautiful colours and blend them into our lives!

More about me:

This is how I look as I do suntan occasionally.

My interests are kayaking, brisk-walking, jogging, tae-kwon-do, martial arts, yoga, kick-boxing, surfing internet, watching television, watching movies, listening to music, doing sudoku puzzles, photography, reading non-fiction books, articles and magazines, singing, eating, travel, shopping, sleeping and writing, volunteering in some events.

To me, Knowledge is unlimited as there are so many things for everybody to learn. Thus i love to read to learn more and get more exposure on different areas.

I wish to learn how to play pop piano (keyboard) one day so that I can pen down and compose the nice tunes and share with people.

I also wish to spend more time with nature as nature is beautiful. I also wish to do my part for the environment as well. Saving up some money to buy a tree to be planted in Singapore as well.

My Contact Details:

Email: flying_tazos55@yahoo.com.sg

My other social media spaces:

1. Tumblr-  http://alwaysblend.tumblr.com

2.  Twitter to follow my tweets on the latest updates

3.  Or visit my Weibo for more interesting updates mainly in Mandarin!

4. Instagram A pictorial/visual updates from me

 Do Check out my about.me profile!

That’s all folks from 허혜연.


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