Visit to River Safari, Singapore

River Safari was opened in April 2013 in Singapore – Mandai area. There are a few buses heading to River Safari.

You can take bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange or bus 927 from Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange (via Woodlands Road) to River Safari.

Of course, this is one of the most attractive places that people should come and visit at River Safari! To see the Pandas – Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Do visit Kai Kai and Jia Jia at the Giant Panda Forest.

Look at Kai Kai – Isn’t him adorable? Jia Jia is very shy.

Do not scare those cute animals…

Inuka has been relocated to Frozen Tundra at River Safari from Singapore Zoological Garden. When I first saw Inuka in 1994, he was just a cute baby.

Now he has grown up to be so big.

Mississippi River…

Do catch the beaver there!

Mekong River section – where you can see the fishes and animals from Mekong Delta (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myammar, China and Thailand area)

I will encourage people to buy a boat ride ticket at $5/pax for adults to have a quick view of the animals. The ride was great and I could get a quick glimpse of the animals within a short period of time. Nice!

Do visit for the latest updates and promotions!


Movie Trailer: Shaun The Sheep the movie

2015 is the year of Goat  or sheep year- 羊年. Meh Meh.

I cannot wait to see Shaun The Sheep the movie in 2015 in the nearest cinemas. Meh Meh….. Enjoy the trailer.

Happy Chinese New Year. 羊羊得意過新年!!!

Paddington – The movie

My favorite Peruvian bear is finally on the screen! So cute. I love its positive attitude as it always smiles.

Paddington Bear

I used to own quite a number of Paddington bear t-shirts as the t-shirts were more easily available in the mid 2000s and nowadays it is not easy to find Paddington bear products in the shops. I even designed a clock based on Paddington bear then.

Paddington Bear with his suitcase

This bear travelled from Peru to London on its own after its home was being destroyed by earthquake and its guardian – Aunt Lucy, had to go to home for the retirement bears. Paddington station – was the place where it met Mr Brown and his family, thus they named it as Paddington.

Aunt Lucy

Paddington as it faces its own adventures while getting used to its new life in London while being chased by Milicent (Nicole Kidman) to be part of her collection for display.

Do have a good laugh while watching this polite bear getting into troubles unwittingly and adapting the new environment. I will give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

Now, please take care of this bear and enjoy the show. See you next time.

Earth Hour Singapore: 23 March 2013 8.30pm

Do you want to do our part to save the Earth? Do take part in the challenges to pledge our love to save the environment.

By the way, have you notice some advertisements regarding I will if you will challenges? 

taken from (an example of 2012 earth hour challenges)

Visit for more information and take part in the challenges if you are able to commit!

You can also visit the Earth Hour roadshows to find out how you can reduce your energy consumption, as well as sign up for Dance 2 Power Earth Hour! We will be at these locations at the following dates:

4 Mar – 10 Mar: 112 Katong, Wilkie Edge
8 Mar – 10 Mar: Bugis Junction
11 Mar – 16 Mar: One George Street, 20 Anson
15 Mar – 17 Mar: ION Orchard, Forum The Shopping Mall
16 Mar – 23 Mar: IKEA Alexandra
18 Mar – 22 Mar: Capital Tower, Six Battery Road
18 Mar – 24 Mar: Millenia Walk, The Star Vista
20 Mar – 20 Mar: DBS Asia Central (MBFC)
21 Mar – 21 Mar: DBS Asia Hub (Changi Business Park)
24 Mar – 30 Mar: Wisma Atria, DBS Asia Hub (Changi Business Park), Lot 1
I will attend 1 of the roadshows soon to learn more about how to reduce energy consumption.

Here’s 1 of the Earth Hour event: Dance 2 Power Earth Hour!

Don’t miss the chance to participate in the first-of-its-kind, kinetic dance-out at Earth Hour! This event is to encourage participants to generate kinetic energy (by moving their bodies and feet), which will be used to power an outdoor film screening at the Earth Hour event!

Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay
Location: Click here for location map
Nearest MRT: Esplanade, Promenade or City Hall

Date: 23 March 2013, Saturday

Time: 4pm – 10.30pm

Look forward to an evening of celebration filled with exciting live performances, eco-carnival and witness the lights-off at 8.30pm on Singapore’s signature skyline!

Let’s spark our imagination about energy usage and its impact on our environment. So let your hair down, open your mind and put on your dancing shoes for Earth Hour! Register now!

For more information, visit

_____________________________________________________________Hope everybody can do their part to save the environment to reduce global warming and el nino and el nina effects.

Here’s a video on how global warming affects us and other animals:

Panda craze is coming to River Safari & Singapore

Singaporeans are too excited for the public view of Kai Kai and Jia Jia at River Safari on 29 Nov 2012. Are you excited? I am sure most of us look forward to see them.

They will be one of the most attractive attractions in the River Safari, Singapore, as pandas are not frequently seen in many zoos around the world. Except for some zoos in Japan, US as well as China. I had seen pandas in Beijing Zoo. Pandas are adorable yet they are endangered species as pandas only eat particular species of bamboo as their food.

I hope people can do their part to save the pandas from being extinct. Visit (WWF) and save their habitat.

Of course, there will be other animals on exhibit as well. I cannot wait to visit River Safari in Singapore soon to say hello to Kai Kai and Jia Jia and many other beautiful animals too!

Knut the polar bear gets Berlin Zoo memorial

I pitied this little polar bear named Knut, who died at the age of 4 years. It was so cute when it was just a baby cub. Knut, The first polar bear born at the zoo for more than 30 years, was rejected by his mother and fed instead by his keeper Thomas Doerflein.

Felt sad that there’s lesser and lesser polar bears alive. I hope people can save the polar bears & conserve them despite of global warming & ice cap melting. Some of them died due to loss of habitat & some may not get used to the new environment. It was heart-warming to see so many people being the fans of polar bears & hope people can do something to help them.

Now there’s a memorial for this polar bear at Berlin Zoo in Germany 1 year after its death. It is part of the remembrance of this special polar bear who lived in the Berlin Zoo then. For more details of the story, please visit

Movie: War Horse

Saw the trailer of this movie a few months ago while waiting to watch the 3 Musketeers.

War Horse is a war drama film directed by Steven Spielberg and it had been nominated and won some film awards. Many horses are used to film in this movie and it was not that easy to film such scenes to show the equines’ emotional and how the main character, Albert, is bonded with Joey, the horse, that his father had bought before the start of the World War I and how Joey got separated with Albert and then reunited again.

Here’s the trailer of the movie – War Horse:

If you have the time, do catch this movie. I felt like crying as I was touched by the scenes in this movie.

I will give this movie 4.75 stars out of 5.