A trip to Lost World of Tambun theme park in Malaysia

Selamat Datang ke Malaysia! (Welcome to Malaysia, 欢迎到马来西亚!)

This was my 1st visit to Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Purchased a package during the Travel Malaysia tour together with the coach package as I wanted to visit Lost World of Tambun at Ipoh for a good getaway. Lost World of Tambun has Lost World Hotel, Lost World Petting Zoo, Amusement Park, Water Park, Lost World Tiger Valley, Lost World Lupe’s adventure, Lost World Tin Valley and Lost World Hot Springs and Spa. It is a good place for families to visit and have fun!

This place is not so accessible by public buses and people may have to take taxi or book coach packages to come to this place. This place was featured on Channel 8 with Quan Yi Fong and Aloysius Pang on The Dukes’ Theme Park Challenge 公子爱挑战.

Entrance at Lost World of Tambun Theme park

I stayed in Lost World Hotel as it was more convenient for me to walk from the hotel to the theme park. The best is to have a room with the view facing the theme park than the block of houses located at the back of the hotel. The good thing is that there’s Giant located at Sunway City Ipoh and people can walk from the hotel to Giant to do shopping and makan (eat).

Hotel Room at Lost World Hotel

The hotel room rates are affordable and the bed is comfortable.

Interior of Lost World of Tambun theme Park

Stalls in Lost World of Tambun for makan…

Amusement Park in Lost World of Tambun Theme Park

If you wish to play the games, you have to pay to play the games and entry to Haunted Chambers.

Map of Lost World of Tambun theme park

Lost World Swan Lake

You can try paddling with the swan boat or fish feeding at swan lake in Lost World of Tambun theme park.

Swans at the swan lake…

Best way to explore the theme park is to board the tram. The queue can be long.

Lupe’s Adventure

Free Lupe’s adventure ride in the amusement park

Lost World Tiger Valley

The place you can see different types of cats….

And watch tigers feeding!

Waiting for food now….

Tiger’s in the water…

As well as watching other animals such as Raccoon performing

Lost World Tin Valley

History of Tin mining in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

This reminds me of the Channel 8 drama – Our Journey A Voyage 《信约:唐山到南洋》where Li Nanxing, Elvin Ng starred in the drama.

You can see a lot of interesting history about Ipoh in Lost World Tin valley.

Elephants were used for the transportation of tin ores.

Dulang washer – to ‘wash’ of the sand and get the tin ore. Not an easy thing to do so after trying. People will need a lot of expensive to shake and swirl the pot to get the tin. Does it reminds you of Jeanette Aw’s Character 林鸭子 Lin Yazi in Our Journey A Voyage 《信约:唐山到南洋》 as a dulang washer. Dulang washing was usually done by Hakka women.

Learn more facts about tin, tin mining and Dulang washer. I did not expect that Dulang Washer needed to pay to buy a pass to pan for tin ores.

Time for a rest at the Dulang Teahouse and know more about the tin mining history as Ipoh’s a famous city known for its tin mining activities.

There is also Lost World Adventure Park near the tin valley area. Booking is required.

Part of the Adventure Park…

Lost World Petting Zoo

Serpentarium in the Petting Zoo…

You can see a wide variety of serpents in the Petting zoo…

Tortoise Kingdom

Monkeys to look out for….

Goats in the Petting zoo…

See different species of birds in the Petting zoo…

Rock Canopy in the Petting Zoo

My First time seeing Porcupine…

Prairie Dog – that doesn’t look a dog to me. (however, I do not have a good picture of it)

Resting place for the raccoons in the petting zoo.

There is also Lost World Animal Care Centre to take care of sick animals.

It will be good to come to Lost World Petting Zoo and see animals.

Lost World Water Park

Tried the lazy river and the water slides (sorry that I do not have the photos as I locked my camera in a locker)

I enjoyed the water slide rides and had fun then.

Best to get slides to enjoy the water sliding rides!

Lost World Hot Spring – Spa

I did enjoyed myself with the hot spring as its mineral hot spring water consists of a lot of minerals and good for health.

Hot Spring Pool area

Lost World of Tambun is located at No.1 , Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1,, Sunway City Ipoh,, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
and contact number: +60 5-542 8888. The entrance ticket to Lost World of Tambun is quite affordable and you can visit http://sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/product/lost-world-entrance-tickets/ for the wonderful packages and pricing.

You can also visit http://sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/ or its official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun for updates and events.

  • Note : Park closed every Tuesday, except on Malaysian school & public holidays.

Have fun enjoy yourself at Lost World of Tambun! Terima Kasih (Thank you, 谢谢 ).


YouthSpeak: A series of SG50 conversations organised by National Youth Council Singapore on 10 April 2015

Thank you National Youth Council Singapore and Edelman for the invitation to this Youthspeak: A Series of SG50 conversation. This is the first of 50 conversations for the Youths to be held in Singapore.

This inaugural session of YOUTHSPEAK as we reflect on the opportunities and challenges ahead, and exchange stories on how we as youths can shape Singapore’s future. For this session of YOUTHSPEAK, it focuses on Youths and Social enterprises and Passion. This event was held at Barber Shop by Timbre @ The Arts House.

This event was hosted by Greta Georges. Guest-of-honour for this event was Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Chairman, National Youth Council. The 2 Guest Speakers for this events were Ms Kuik Shiao Yin, Nominated Member of Parliament and Creative Director and Co-founder of The Thought Collective,  and Mr Edward Chia, Co-founder and Managing Director of Timbre Music Group.

The 2 speakers are social entrepreneurs. Mr Edward Chia hires ex-convicts and delinquents in his company as well as provide a platform for local singers (such as Jack and Rai, Goodfellas) and dancers (lindy hop) to perform and showcase their talents. Ms Kuik Shiao Yin

The youth participants were given cards to pen down their thoughts and aspiration and what they can be as the pioneers of tomorrow. All the written cards will be showcase in an exhibition in November 2015. At least of 1 of written cards will be mentioned during the conversation and my written card was selected.

Here’s what I had written down:

What I had written down was from the bottom of my heart. We are all unique individuals, with different strengths and skills.

小人物的心声 (Xiao Ren Wu De Xin Sheng) –

The lyrics of this song really reflected on what I felt then. Of course, as part of the pioneers of tomorrow, this is part of my aspirations.


Reflections for the conversation:

Singapore has changed a lot over the past 50 years.

From this


To this

Singapore is a small place with limited resources. It was not easy for our pioneer leaders to turn Singapore from a 3rd world nation to a 1st world nation over a short period of 50 years. Our government had to find ways and means to innovate ideas to find solution to solve water shortage problems.

IMG_1619And voila – NeWater is 1 of the greatest innovations in Singapore. We need it, we drink it, we use it. It became part of our daily lives.

Recently, our founding prime minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew had left us. However, we will not forget about what his team and himself had worked together to build Singapore into a better place.

This is one of the songs that represents that SG50 and what our pioneer leaders overcame a lot of things to fulfil their dreams.

There were quite a lot of discussion going on during the conversation.

I totally agree with the speakers that people do deserve second chances in their lives. It is not easy for people to accept people with records. It is also not easy for people who failed or given up their lives after hearing bad news. If special people put in special effort and attention on them, they may change into a better person. Why not?

Life choices is like a forked road.We have choices and paths to choose from. Sometimes we have to make decisions to choose the path that we wanted to go. Such as after PSLE, we have to make decisions to choose the secondary schools. We are humans and we may err. Sometimes when we choose the wrong path, we regret and some may learn from the mistakes and look forward. Sometimes, we may get condemned and no one gives the support. Sometimes, with people supporting and guiding you, you may become strong and move on. Failure is the stepping stone to sucess.

I do have passion and hobbies. However, I do not pursue my passion as my career. Passion can be our hobbies that we can do during our free time. Why not? Do not give up passion just because of obstacles. Life still have to go on. We can figure out a way to intergate our passions into our careers somehow. Or join a hobby association to make friends with similar hobbies.

I felt that Ms Kuik said something very good about life and resilence. Sometimes it is good to expose the tough side of life to make people understand situations and with the setback, this will help to mould and grow into a better and stronger person.

It reminds me of the chorus of A1 – Like a rose.


Life is not always smooth sailing one. Sometimes, people do break down over incidents. Some may reactive very negatively and unable to move on over failure. Some may become strong.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew had been through the Great Depression in the 1920s and World War II in the 1940s. With the hardships that he experienced and his near escape from the Japanese troops, these incidents made him to be a stronger person. Even if people trampled or look down, we should not .give up. We still have a lot to learn from people.

The lyrics of Jason Mraz’s I won’t give up song is very meaningful. It reflects very well about what I thought about the conversation. We should not give up hope.

Jason Mraz – I won’t give up lyrics video:

Here’s the summary of the discussion:

So what is your life story? A person who sparkles and does well in life? Or a person who just play, sleep and eat? Or s person who is willing to step out of comfort zone to make a difference in life? You decide your story.

I would like to end off with Dick Lee’s Life Story song:

There will be more upcoming YOUTHSPEAK SG50 conversations soon. Do visit National Youth Council, Singapore for more updates.

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Reflections of 2010

Reflection of 2010, here I come. These are part of what I think about 2010. I may not mention all the things here as it may be too long-winded.

Starting from Lady Gaga fever to Justin Bieber, sports to other social issues … Some months may not have much happenings as I may be busy with my own personal things and unaware of certain things and I maybe more focus on sports events and music for my reflection.

Lady Gaga
From outrageous outfits such as hair hat to meat dress. What else can she come out with next? I really cannot think anything else. I did not expect that she can use meat and wear it as a dress. No pants. Heavy make-up and creative hairdos. That’s Lady Gaga, dressing in her personal unique style as you can see from one of her MTV that was filmed in Jan 2010 – Telephone.

Justin Bieber
Teen star is getting more and more popular, after his “Baby” hit. But I like his “Never say never” and his collaboration with Sean Kingston’s Eenie Meenie. He’ s16. Such a young star with many fans. Oh… I also listened to “you smile, I smile” too. So let’s smile and be brave.

Sentosa RWS opening on 14 Feb 2010
I do not gamble. But I visit Sentosa the day after for the RWS opening. I went for CNY event at around Imbiah area then. I never visit the interior of this place as the levy is imposed for my entry. Entry: expensive for me.

Tiger Woods and Jack Neo Scandal
I won’t want to talk much on that issue. It is very unhealthy. Hope people will have healthy thoughts. Couples should spend more time communicating with each other to continue to have a healthy relationship and a happy family. If not, children will suffer the most, not the couple.

Marina Sands opening on 27 Apr 2010
I went into Sands and walk past a few times but I am just to see the shops there and collect some thing from 1place. But I do not gamble. I do not know when I intend to visit the garden on the top of the building. It is known to be a posh place.

Rise of Korean Pop/Korean Culture
It seems like more and more Korean stars and bands are coming to Singapore to perform. Such as Lee Min Ho (I still remembered he loves Chilli crabs) who came last year, he did came this year as well as LG ambassador, other stars like Kim Hyun Joong (for The Face Shop), Jae Geun Suk, Soong Jun Ki (Tony Moly) and bands such as JYJ, 2am, Jay Park, 2NE1, GNA and etc.

More Korean beauty brands came to Singapore such as Tony Moly. Not just beauty shops, there are some Korean shops (selling food and drink items) and Korean restaurants near my house. Even some community centres do conduct basic Korean lessons. More shops are selling more Korean singer’s songs as well as drama DVD.

Some of the Korean products are great. Bought some Korean masks and products and tried them out for my maintenance.

Korean words are so difficult to learn. I admire Chen Li Yi, the ex-933 DJ who can speak Korean very well. I only know my Korean pronunciation of my surname is Heo. Korean  is not like Japanese with similar with the pronunciation in Chinese when people see the kanji.

Maybe I should learn more Korean words. Not just Ahnyeong-Haseyo or Gamsahamida. or Shagua or other words that I know.

World Cup 2010 at South Africa

Glad that Spain won the World Cup. There is a spanish version of the Waka Waka (Time for Africa) Song from Shakira. I listened to both version and they sounded great. Missed Paul the octopus as I heard he passed away a few months after 2010 World Cup ends.

Light balls? High altitude? Noises from the vulu? “BooooP” How to control such lighter balls as it went all haywires for certain nations (with Cries). I would like to dedicate miss A’s song “Breathe” as “… I can’t breathe” well, because of most of the stadiums are built on high altitude regions. It is too noisy that people just cannot concentrate. BooooP……….. (Better wear earplugs)

Big Walk 2010
Not sure how long they will intend to organise it again. The registration fees is slightly more expensive compared to the rest of the Big Walks. This was my 5th time joining big walk if I am not wrong.

Great walk, great contest for people to sms while walking, great scenery as people walked past the pit building, the helix bridge and the Sands. Although the goodies in the bag are lesser than the precious years. I joined it partly because of the free Singapore Flyer ticket but I do not get to use the ticket for myself as I gave it to my mother since she wants to visit the Flyer.

Got free copy of the New Paper after finishing walking. The carnival’s okay as it is near the NTUC building at One Marina Boulevard, new area for certain events. It is called Central Promotory. But long walking distance from the bus stop.

One Community Walk in Singapore



It is where the whole community walks together on the same day at different places on 25 July 2010. Around 75 starting points in Singapore and the one in Khatib was one of the largest number of participants taking part in.

I took part in that and luckily the starting and ending points were within walking distances. Some of the finishing points had a bigger celebration as it is to commemorate Singapore 2010.

YOG 2010
Theme Song of 1st Youth Olympics games

This is the 1st time Singapore hosting such a big sporting event. From preparation, to torch relays, opening ceremony, sports competitions and closing cermony. It is hard to say goodbye. I love those 2 loveable mascots, Lyo and Merly. Although there are some hipcups, but it was still a great experience for Singapore

lyo and merly

Lyo and Merly

The torch relays was such a grand event as it was spread over the national day week. 6 days in different parts of Singapore. Of course, I went and witness the 2nd day of the torch relay near my house. The atmosphere was so great. With the vulu, flags, fans, clappers and other items. It was so hot under the sun but a rare opportunity for me to witness the torch as I do not know when YOG will come back to Singapore again. Each day of relay ended off with a celebration. I went for the celebration at Singapore Polytechnic and Marina Bay then. So I just blended myself into the atmosphere there.

Celebrations at Marina Bay

Celebrations at Marina Bay

Overbudget? I won’t comment of this as Singapore rarely host big events and this is the inaugural Youth Olympics Games (more budget as this is the 1st YOG in the world).


Thus this is the spirit of the Youth olympic games. It is not about the cost of the games but to spread the culture and share the special moments.

Haze in Singapore
– Cough, Cough. Hope people will think more about the environment. Do not just simply burn those trees and turn them into ashes while polluting the environment, not just 1place but many many places. There are many other alternatives to solve certain issues yet be more environmental friendly.

Singapore Singtel Formula 1 2010
Roads are blocked for Formula 1 for a few days for the preparations of F1 race in Singapore. Great concert by Chris Daughtery, Adam Lambert and plus-size Mariah Carey (glad that she’s pregnant as she’s not young and older expectant mothers have a higher risk in giving birth). You can google to look for Mariah’s images or http://mariahcarey.com

How about the crashes? Whose is the most memorable. Of course, it is Not the Lewis Hamilton, but his ex-McLaren’s partner, Heikki. I think the part where one of the cars with fires fuming towards the 2nd last lap was the highlight of the Singapore Formula 1 race after the crash. Glad that Heikki felt the heat and asked for fire extinguisher. This moment was voted as one of the best highlights on the F1 2010 season.

India Commonwealth Games with faults and its athletes village
Heard there are quite a lot of complaints over its preparation. I will not comment much on that. But I am glad that Singapore won quite a lot of medals for shooting and table tennis. As well as seeing many different sports events in India.

Selina from S.H.E got badly burnt
My heart aches from her as she suffered from 3rd degree burns. She may not look like the same as before but glad that she is recovering well. Hope she will get better soon.

Parangs and gang fights in Singapore
I would say it is not safe at this rate and why use violence as a resort and harm other people. Especially for family friendly places such as Downtown East. I hope people will not want to use violence to solve some problems. What is the use of doing such things? Think about the others. Money and hospital expenses, injuries and etc. Hospital expenses are not cheap. Someone died because of the fight. Please cherish people’s life.

Guangzhou Asian Games 2010
Opening Ceremony was great and spectacular. People can walk on the screen (the screen was hung vertically) and create beautiful moves and patterns. WOW!

Although Singapore did not win that much medals, I would say Good job to Singapore. Glad that Tao Li still can get gold medal for her favorite event. I always get more of the sport updates from my mobile phone even if I am working and do not have the time to watch TV.

I missed the feeling of watching such sports events on TV after Asian games had ended.

Christmas Times at Orchard and other places
What do you think about the Christmas Lightings? I saw those lightings near the Suntec area while I was walking from the bus stop to Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon Venue. It was great. Took some photos of that but all were gone as the SD card’s corrupted. It looked beautiful.

I did not explore much of the trees at Orchard area. Only took a bus past the area and see some of the trees. Plaza Singapura’s ok. Paragon’s gold in colour. 1 of the trees is sponsored by Visa. But all the trees will be gone from 3 jan 2010 onwards. So come and snap those photos of the trees if you want to capture them.

Parkway has Toy Story Christmas tree and I loved it. As I love toys and animations. It made me missed Toy Story even more. But the tree was removed before I had the chance to go there and take the tree picture.

I love the Christmas Tree at Downtown East. It is filled of small Carebears toys as its ornaments. So cute.

Christmas sales are okay. Went and bought some stuff that were on sale. Glad to have post-christmas sales as well. Some savings for me.

Countdown in 2010/2011 at Vivocity and Marina Bay Area
I most probably will stay at home to watch channel 8 countdown on 31 dec 2010 and watch the repeated telecast of Channel 5 marina bay countdown the next day if I have the time for the interesting performances by the artistes.

So it is coming to the end of this year? So what are you going to do? I most probably going to sing “Carebears countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! “

Happy New Year 2011!!!!! Enjoy.

16th Asian Games

I have submitted my sticker at Seng kang community library for Team Singapore. Have you?

I have not been blogging for the past few days due to my gastric problems. Taken antacids.

The opening ceremony for the Asian Games 2010 was spectacular and better than expected. I am pretty glad to watch part of the performances on TV.

I was very happy that Tao Li had won a silver medal and billards/snooker player has won a bronze medal. Well done, Team Singapore.

I am quite shock that 1 of the participant is a pregnant lady from Korea and she managed to get some gold medals for shooting.

I hope team Singapore will win some medals for the Asian games. Haha. Wish them all the best despite that I am still not feeling well.

That’s all folks.