Shine Festival 2015 at Orchard Road from 10 to 12 July 2015

Shine Festival will be back this year from 10, 11 and 12 July 2015 this year at Orchard Road with a brand new name! It was known as Shine Youth Festival previously. This recharged three-day Festival Weekend along the stretch of ION Orchard to Ngee Ann City from 10 – 12 July in celebration of its 10th edition

A number of youtubers – David Cho, Arden Cho, Ryan Higa, many more and local singer – Shigga Shay, and dancers will gather at Orchard Road for this event organised by the youths for the youth.

Come down and #Buildyourworld with SHINE Festival! Visit for details and updates on the festival!


See you all then! Enjoy the party at ION Orchard area from 10 to 12 July 2015!


F&N Sparkling Drinks Presents Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2

Advertisement at the bus stop

F&N sparkling drinks is the presenting sponsor for this year’s SINGAPORE DANCE DELIGHTS VOL.2, for the 2nd year. This competition is to celebrate all things youth and dance. It’s Singapore’s largest street dance competition. For more information on Singapore Dance Delight, you can visit

This year’s Singapore Dance Delight Vol 2 event is held at Scape @ Orchard level 4 (Sky Terrace) & level 5.


With all things dance gaining feverish popularity, street dance is one activitiy that never fails to bring youth together. They see dance as a way to find community and to express themselves creatively (through costumes, groovy dance moves and make-up and coordination). Whether they are dancing to the beat or cheering as spectators, they enjoy the pace, the fervour and the adrenaline rush that comes with dance.

This year 40 teams will be competing in this year’s SDD Vol2 and only 20 teams will be able to go into the finals on 12 March 2011. A few of the teams come from other countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia as Singapore is the only South East Asia country hosting the Dance Delight event. Here are the 40 teams competing in the preliminaries (shown below). Each team consists of at least 2 members.This include the last year’s Singapore Dance Delights Vol 1 defending champion, Joyce and the Boys who is also taking part in this year’s Singapore Dance Delights. Last year only 28 teams took part in the events. Thus, there’s more competition this year.

Joyce and the Boys

This event was hosted by the famous Singapore rapper – Sheik Haikel. Entertaining, isn’t it?

Host - Sheik Haikel and one of the judges

Of course, there’s free flow of F&N sparkling drinks at the venue. Can choose from Cherryade, Orange, Groovy grape, Ice Cream Soda and Sarsi to quench your thirst while at the venue, watching performances by the 40 teams on the dancing field.

Ice Cream Soda

F&N Kit

I received this kit while getting my drink. It consists of the mat, poncho and fan. Mat for sitting down. Poncho if there is rain and fan to fan myself if the venue is too hot. Besides that, I also received a miniature can of F&N sparkling drink.

It’s not drinkable. But it is stuffed with wet tissues to clean hands. Haha. Cute right?

See how hard the helpers are preparing the drinks?

This is my 1st time coming to such as an event. While waiting for the event to start, I took some peeks of what the contestants were doing. I could sense that they took a lot of effort, energy and spent a lot of time and money ( clothes, make-up) to take part in this competition.

I watched street dancing on TV drama on Ch8 called the Dream Catchers (未来不是梦). Nat Ho and Dawn Yeoh did street dancing in the drama which was great. Haha. Thus, that was what I know from street dancing.

Street dancing is not easy as it’s teamwork and the team members must work together to create great chemistry with each other to bring out the best moves out of the music they had chosen.

Of course, with the right music, right groovy moves and great chereography, suitable costumes and appropriate make-up as well as great chemistry, all these will blend beautifully and bring out the best parts and moves to do well for the competitions.

One of the teams practising at the practise venue near by the stage.

Teams resting in the practice room.

It was raining cats and dogs before the competition starts but many people still chose not to go leave the venue but to wait for the preliminaries to start. However the rain did not seem to stop after 6pm and had to go the level 5 to start part of the preliminaries for the time being.

One of the groups performing

It was so difficult to get into the level 5 room (quite crowded and limited space for the performers and the audience to get into it). Luckily there’s a screen located outside the room and people still could see the performances on the screen instead (which is much better because can see better view of the performers’ dance steps and groovy moves).

Here’s some of the performances in the level 5 room:

Great right?

After the rain stopped for quite awhile, all of us went given 20min-interval to go down to level 4 to watch the remaining performances. I was so happy as I finally can sit down and watch the performance instead of standing up for another 1-2 hours. =).

Here’s the some of the performances at level 4:
Joyce and the Boys

1 Team from Indonesia

One of my favorite teams in action – The Zoo Thailand

One of the couple teams who took part in the event – Burning Bums. Anyway, they are dating in real life as what I saw on Today’s my Paper (我报), as shown below.

Of course, at the end of all the 40 performances, I took another cup of F&N sparkling drink – Groovy Grape while waiting for the results to quench my thirst. I did not expect 1000+ people came down to Scape @ Orchard just to attend this event despite of bad weather.

Results of The final 20 teams who made it into the finals in Sentosa on 12 March are:

1) Go Go Funky Rangers (Indonesia)
2) B.O.T.S (Born to Swag)
3) The Basic Five
4) Sickin Freak
5) Flair Brothers
6) I.DOT.M (I Dot M)
7) The Zoo Thailand
8) Free Frago
9) Househead
10) Sonic Vibe
11) Team Elite (Philippines)
12) Major Jam
13) Fantastic Forze Crew
14) Size-Zero
15) Burning Bums (1of the couple teams)
16) Rough Addicts
17) F4C Stars
18) Joyce and the Boys (Defending Champions)
19) Harlequinn
20) Hit the Speed Limit

Interested to watch the finals of Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2 to watch the final 20 teams performing? It will be on 12 March 2011, Wavehouse @ Sentosa at 36 Siloso Beach. You can purchase the tickets from O School at Scape level 4. $20 (till 8 March), $25 ( from 9 march 2011 onwards).Only 1 out of the remaining teams competing will be able to make it into the next round to take part in Osaka Japan. So what are you waiting for? Buy the tickets and catch the remaining 20 teams in action with their coolest moves with the grooves, great coordination and chereography, great costumes and make-up and chemistry. haha.

I am so excited to find out which team will emerge as the champion of finals.

For more updates of any F&N related events and upcoming contests, you can visit F&N Fun Facebook page @, F&N website @, as well as F&N twitter page @ as F&N do hold interesting contests regularly and give out prizes. I have added F&N on my facebook and twitter account =). Feel free to join F&N Facebook, twitter and visit their website.