Skip Beat 華麗的挑戰 Drama coming soon

Here’s the preview of 華麗的挑戰 (Skip Beat) Taiwanese drama featuring Ivy Chen Yi Han陳意涵, Super Junior Choi Siwon 始源, Super Junior Lee Donghae 東海, Bianca Bai白歆惠 and other Taiwanese actors. Screams….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited that  it will be showing soon this sunday. I listened to the preview carefully and it was not dubbed. Enjoy this preview video.


Korean Drama: Brilliant Legacy 燦爛的遺產 ( 찬란한 유산 – Chanranhan Yusan)


Brilliant Legacy (燦爛的遺產 Can Lan de Yi Chan, 찬란한 유산 Chanranhan Yusan) also known as Shining Inheritance, is one of my favourite Korean dramas that I have even seen (The other Korean drama that I like is  New Heart).

Brilliant Legacy stars with Han Hyo Joo 韓孝珠 as Go Eun Sung 高恩星, Lee Seung Gi 李昇基 as Sun-Woo Hwan 鮮于煥, Bae Soo Bin 裴秀彬 as Park Jun Se 朴駿世 and Moon Chae Won 文彩元 as Yoo Seung Mi 柳承美 – the 4 main leads of the drama.

The plot of the story focuses on how the will has changed the reaction of the Sun-Woo family and the bonding between Sun-Woo Hwan’s grandmother, Jang Suk Ja together with Go Eun Sung and Sun-Woo Hwan, Go Eun Sung’s brother with Sun-Woo Hwan as well as interesting moments that will make people laugh such as Sun-Woo Hwan’s mother, Oh Young Ran, was teasing the butler of the Sun-Woo family over the butler’s love matters.

Of course, I love the chemistry between Grandma and Hwan, Grandma and Eun Sung, as well as Hwan with Eun Sung and Eun Woo (Eun Sung’s younger brother). Good chemistry makes this drama a good success.

Singapore’s Channel U has just ended its run today and I missed a few of the episodes. Hope to watch the whole drama series again when I am free. Do catch it if you are interested to watch it! =)

Heard this drama has quite high ratings in Korea and won quite a number of awards and best couple award as well including 1 from Shanghai.

Of course, I hope to see more and more interesting and good Korean Dramas in the future. Gamsahamnida감사합니다 for the good work.

Korean drama: New Heart

I started watching New Heart on channel U and I immediately fell in love with this drama series. however, i heard from the sale person from 1 of the shop that some are of the scenes were cut off or censored as it is classified as NC16 drama due to part of its content.

For people who watched this drama, I am sure that this involves the baring of the chest to do some operation on the heart. Thus it was classified as NC16 drama.

It is one of my most favourite korean drama series as it is very touching, with some comical elements, heartwarming, besides the budding romance between the 2 main leads, Lee Eun Sang and Nam Hye Seo.

I missed quite a few of the episodes on TV due to my busy schedule or I was away in Malacca for a short holiday. So I bought the DVD for New Heart at an affordable price. So happy.

I will be watching it when I am free. Haha.

hope Korea can produce more interesting dramas and movies.

that’s all folks.