Live-Run Pack Collection

Liverun pack

Collected my Live-RUN pack collection from Velocity @ Novena for my Christmas/New Year Gift from Live-RUN. I never visit Velocity @ Novena for a long time. There was not much changes there. Velocity @ Novena is a mall which promotes sports and sports events.

Here’s what I got from the Live-RUN giftpack. 100-plus towel and 1 bottle of 100-plus as well as some coupons and a voucher.


Guess I need to exercise more often to lose some weight and to look great. For more information on LiveRun, please go to


Yoga by the Sea 2010

my tag number

my tag number

This is my 2nd time participating in Yoga By the Sea at East Coast Park, near area E. I took part in the mass workout category, where the participants need to learn how to do sun and moon salutation. Thus the timing is during the evening/late afternoon time slot.

Last year was just mass workout and it was only 1day event and my sister was with me then. This year there are a few workshop and the event is a 2day event and I came there alone as my sister couldn’t make it.

Walked all the way from east coast park to the event venue. Took about 45mins to reach there by walking and collected my goodie bag, a yoga mat and t-shirt as i joined under U-sports.

I applied sunblock lotion on my face, hands and legs except my feet before heading to the venue. oh my. how bad my sunburn was after walking with my slippers.


The goodie bag was  still okay as some of the items comes in handy. haha. There were panaflex patches(2pcs), breathe right, physiogel samples, laurier pads, poise samples, sensodyne toothpaste, scott’s sweets and etc. too bad the bag broke during the midst of returning home from east coast park.

Last year the special guest was Mediacorp artiste, Ms Michelle Chong, who does yoga (you did saw her on the once-a-day vitamin commercial doing yoga). This year, the special guest is Mediacorp artiste, Mr Bryan Wong. He talked about yoga and the advantages and the usage of panaflex on his back.

After that, the organisers introduced some of the yoga instructors on stage. Like Master samik bera who was one of the instructors for yoga by the sea 2009.

So glad that the organisers had placed plastic mat over the grass field. If not, it will be quite grossed to do yoga on the grass field especially after the rain.

I did the sun salutations and a bit of the moon salutation as I know my body could not take it after doing so many of the underdog stunts. The cat stunts, child pose, mountain pose, cobra pose, the pose with elbow bend and the body on the floor and na-mus-tey pose. and inhale and exhale at the right time and posture.

My knowledge of yoga is quite limited and the yoga instructors mentioned that everybody’s different. Sun salutation is to give the person energy while moon salutation is to balance the energy. Balance is very important for yoga. So I must try to balance it with the right postures to get the right energy.

Looking forward to join the next Yoga bythesea event next year. Haha. Meanwhile I better start practising on the yoga postures which I learn and correct my wrong postures.

that’s all folks.

One Community Walks on 25 July 2010

This is a backdated post. 25 July 2010 is One Community Walk. Everywhere is having one community walk. This event is to celebrate People Association 50th anniversary and Youth Olympics games which will be coming soon.

There are a total of 75 places in Singapore having this event. Every participant only need to spend $2 for the ticket to get a limited edition dry-fit T-shirt and a goodie bag (water, milo and a Singapore 2010 badge as well as some coupons).



I walked from my house to the starting point which is located near the community centre. Need to do some warm up exercises 1st and everyone only can start walking when the GOH arrives and ready to start the walk.

Luckily I enjoyed seeing the nature while walking. During the midst of the walk, I felt thirsty and I could not drink water as I did not bring a bottle of water along. Glad that I only need to walk about 2.3km.

Happy to reach the finishing point fast enough and collected my goodie bag and after that, I bought my breakfast and headed straight home as I was so tired.

That’s all folks.