Live-Run Pack Collection

Liverun pack

Collected my Live-RUN pack collection from Velocity @ Novena for my Christmas/New Year Gift from Live-RUN. I never visit Velocity @ Novena for a long time. There was not much changes there. Velocity @ Novena is a mall which promotes sports and sports events.

Here’s what I got from the Live-RUN giftpack. 100-plus towel and 1 bottle of 100-plus as well as some coupons and a voucher.


Guess I need to exercise more often to lose some weight and to look great. For more information on LiveRun, please go to


Great Eastern Women 10K

Reported as early as 4.30am in the morning. Only had 4hrs plus of sleep before waking up at around 4am in the morning.
Last time used to reach there at around 5.55am for reporting. But because this year they are starting the event 30minutes earlier than last year, thus all of us need to report earlier than usual. Thus there is more allowance this year to cover the taxi fare.

Glad I also received some freebies after the end of event. Sunblock lotion. Fila Bag, Fila shirt.

So Life’s great to have so many interesting events to enjoy in Singapore.