Remembering SARS – 31st May 2013 10th Anniversary in Singapore

Singapore was declared SARS free on 31 May 2003 after an intense 3month battle with it since March 2003. I remembered people were panic while SARS hit Singapore in March 2003. I had to take temperature in school almost everyday. There were 33 people who died of SARS (including Dr Ong Hok Su, Dr Alexander Chao). We remembered the painful losses and lesson learnt during that period and hope to prevent those tragedies in the future.

This video below showed 4 Singaporeans who shared their stories on SARS.

Here’s another video SARS – A Crisis That Bonded A Nation:

As well as links to Remember SARS on mediacorp:

Remembering SARS English:   Episode 1


The Flying Dutchman shares his near-death experience!

The Life Insurance Association of Singapore (LIA) launched a national campaign in March 2013 which features popular radio host, Flying Dutchman (FD).

The LIA vision is to provide individuals with peace of mind and to promote a society where every person is prepared for life’s changing cycles and for those situations unforeseen.

This campaign essentially features the FD’s near-death experience to get people thinking about life’s unforeseen events and hits home the need for life insurance. As medical expenses are getting more expensive and sometimes, life can change all of a sudden.

Catch the insightful YouTube video capturing the FB’s traumatic heart-attack in comic style here: and for more information about getting yourself protected with life insurance, visit:

World Tuberculosis Day – 24 Mar 2013

World Tuberculosis day – 24 Mar 2013

So what can you do to stop TB in your lifetime? Beside taking good care of your body. TB can be spread via airborne.

The best is that TB can be detected early, to prevent it from spreading it to more people once the diagnosis is out. Hospitals can help to isolate the TB patients into a negative pressure rooms to prevent the spreading of TB to other healthy people and healthcare personnel should wear protective gears (especially N95 Mask) and take note of infection control measures while handling patients.

Visit for more updates and information relating to Tuberculosis. Chill Central

It’s the exam period once again! Study stress is one of the key challenges that youth face as they believe that education is the key to gain a competitive edge in Singapore. There is tremendous pressure for them to excel in school in order to get ahead in life. 

Chill Central aims to encourage youth to use study & stress management tips on  & bounce back stronger!

We’re running a contest to encourage people to share tips. The best entry stand a chance to win vouchers and a goodie bag. Simply mention a study tip OR a favourite go-to song when stressed and hashtag #chillcentral

Walk with AIDS patients on World Aids Day in Singapore

Since World Aids Day is coming soon on 1 Dec 2012, I would like to share with my readers this event on ‘Walk With Me’ at Orchard – Scape warehouse from 2pm to 6pm. Visit to view the details of the event.

AIDS Walk 2012 walking towards zero new infections, zero deaths, zero stigma and discrimination. Registration is free for taking part in this walking event. I am sure many people  can be very fearful of HIV positive patients or patient diagnosed with AIDS and even sitting or walking near them.

I would like to recap that AIDS cant be spread while having a meal together or even walk together on the streets. It only can be spread through exchange body fluids via sexual activity or open wounds and infected needles.

You also can donate some money to help these AIDS patients as the medication for treatment for AIDS is indeed very expensive. Some of the money will be used for subsiding their medications so that they can live longer. Donations which are $50 and above will be available for tax deduction. To allow tax deduction, please include your NRIC, FRIN or RCB number and full name.

Still can remember my previous post on :

Visit to Patient Care Centre @ Tan Tock Seng Hospital & Be positive with people living with HIV

Patient Care Centre at Tan Tock Seng Hospital – Communicable Disease Centre 1 do sell quite a number of nice handicrafts for raising funds for HIV positive patients. All proceeds of the sales items will go to Patient care centre. If you are interested to purchase them for gifts or yourself, you can go to 1 of the stall located near Kopitiam at Tan Tock Seng Hospital main atrium area level 1 or email to to order them.

I also mentioned about Prevention is better than cureIt is best to prevent with ABC which are:

A – Abstain from having casual sex

B – Be faithful to your partner

C – Use Condom Correctly

Visit on how you can make a difference in AIDS patients’ lives.

I also hope that more people will be aware of this and understand more about this. Do spread this message to your friends and family as well.

Advertisement: Eu Yan Sang Clinics is 10!

In 2002, their first clinic at South Bridge Road opened. Today, Eu Yan Sang has 21 clinics conveniently located islandwide to offer a comprehensive range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies for your health and well-being. In conjunction with 10 years of providing quality TCM healthcare, we are running a series of activities.

First up, reaching out to the community and helping others in need – they have adopted Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society (THK) as our beneficiary. Donation boxes have been placed in all our clinics and we pledge to top up an additional 10% of the total sum collected. Please give generously!

Next, they have sixpegs & shiberty to share their tcm journey to better health.

For more information visit: and stand to win Eu Yan Sang goodie packs!

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How well do you know your skin? Would you rate it 10/10?
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I would say it will be wise to take care of our skin since young age. Don’t you think so?