Shine Youth Festival 2013 Opening ceremony on 29 June 2013


The yearly Shine Youth Festival is back again from 29 June to 28 July 2013! This year theme is #Freeyouryou and it’s filled up with events organize by the youths for the youths.

So What is #freeyouryou? Dream. Voice. Act. Yes, all youths have their dreams and hope that they can voice out their aspirations and act it out. We have different dreams and different talents and we need not need to be afraid that we cannot achieve it, so that we can turn the negativity into positivity thoughts. Life should be filled up with hope. So that we can make the world a better place. Don’t you think so?

Well despite of the slight haze condition (it was worse during 17 to 22 June 2013) and some of the outdoor activities had been cancelled (eg SHINE in 60 seconds). Thus, most of the activities were held indoors except the most exciting cosmo parade from Scape to 313 Somerset and then back to Scape. I was relieved that I didn’t have to wear a N95 mask or surgery mask out unlike the week before.

At least there’s still energy from the cosmo paraders! #freeyouryou  – haze didn’t dampen their spirits despite the event was smaller scale compared to last year! The participants (cosmo parade) were so excited to wear those cute costumes and march around Orchard Road area. Bravo!

Here’s the programme for the opening festival at Scape.

Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, was the Guest of Honour for this opening event.

Some glimpses of participants’ costumes during Shine Youth Festival 2013:

The Army Guards…..

Monster during medieval time?

Blue Dragon

Beautiful Cleopatra

Mister Potato!

Does he look familiar on the cans of potato chips found in supermarkets? Mister Potato.

There were other activities around the Scape area too.

Vanguard Card Competition

Japanese Anime Drawing

I don’t think I can draw up to this standard. However, I can sense the artist put in a lot of effort to draw this.

Pika Pika Cafe

Stall selling cosmo parade collectibles


I hope I can learn how to play Cajon. I played percussion drums. Looks fun to me.

Now it’s time for Music for a Cause with 3 local acts.

Host for Music for a Cause 2013

1st Music performance from The Huckleberry Friends

The Huckleberry Friends – Xue Yi and Marcus (Jon was absent as he wasn’t feeling well)

Xue Yi and Marcus from the Huckleberry friends were full of energy to perform despite their groupmate, Jon wasn’t able to come to perform as a trio.

For more info on the Huckleberry friends, please visit:

Facebook page –

Youtube videos –

My Space page‎‎

2nd music performance – Clarence Liew

He wasn’t new to Shine Youth Festival as he performed during last year’s Shine Youth Festival Concert (picture shown below). This year he brought his friend, Benjamin,  to perform along with him, on keyboard.

He sung Maroon 5’s payphone and Sunday Morning, a Malay song called Terima Kasih and some other songs.

For more information about Clarence Liew, please visit:

Facebook page –

Youtube videos –

Twitter page –

The last music performance – The Sam Willows

This is my 1st time watching them performing live. The Sam Willows are made up of 4 members, 2 siblings – Narelle and Benjamin Kheng, and 2 friends, Jon Chua and Sandra Tang. Their songs are great. I love the last song that they performed. It’s called Glasshouse.

For more information about The Sam Willows, please visit:

Official Website –

Facebook page –

Youtube videos –

Twitter –

There will be more exciting activities coming up! Such as Singapore Street Festival, Jump Asia, Clans Youth Got Talent, Project Dreamchasers, MP3 Experiment Singapore and many more. Do find some time to take part in some of the events if you are free.

For more information of the events, please visit

Cannot wait to attend some of the Shine Youth Festival Events in the month of July!


There’s also some online activities on Shine Youth Festival facebook page for us to join/vote.

1. Pledge to Shine

Have you pledge to shine yet? Visit By pledging, it is a good action plan for you to work on towards a positive goal =)! You can post pictures/write your resolutions.

2. Stars of Shine 2013 Voting

There is 18 Nominees for Stars of Shine and I have voted for 1 of the nominees via fb app. Do visit to vote for the nominees you think they deserve to win. They have contribute to the community in a special way despite of the hardships they experienced. Results will be out before the end of Shine Youth Festival 2013. Whether they win the award or not, they are still winners in our heart and continue to contribute to the community.

Let’s #Freeyouryou & give back to  the community not just during Shine Youth Festival, however, should be on daily basis.


The Flying Dutchman shares his near-death experience!

The Life Insurance Association of Singapore (LIA) launched a national campaign in March 2013 which features popular radio host, Flying Dutchman (FD).

The LIA vision is to provide individuals with peace of mind and to promote a society where every person is prepared for life’s changing cycles and for those situations unforeseen.

This campaign essentially features the FD’s near-death experience to get people thinking about life’s unforeseen events and hits home the need for life insurance. As medical expenses are getting more expensive and sometimes, life can change all of a sudden.

Catch the insightful YouTube video capturing the FB’s traumatic heart-attack in comic style here: and for more information about getting yourself protected with life insurance, visit:

NEA Eco Music Challenge 3: Deadline Extended to 7 July 2012

NEA Eco Music Challenge 3: Deadline Extended to 7 July 2012

There is still a chance for you to submit your song entries to take part in NEA Eco Music Challenge 3 and stand a chance to win great prizes. Visit for more details!

Share great music and songs if you have any! Can be in English or Chinese and any genres!=)

WWF Singapore – OceanWorld screening at East Coast Park on 9 June 2012


Image taken from

WWF Singapore invites you to join us for the first public screening of OCEANWORLD! WWF want to share the beauty of our oceans so that more people will be inspired to take action to save our seas.

Date: Saturday 9 June 2012
Time: 6.30PM (Screening starts at 7.30PM)
Venue: East Coast Park, Dalbergia Green (click here for map)
How to get there:

  • Nearest MRT stations are Eunos, Kembangan and Bedok
  • Bus Service 401 from Bedok to East Coast Park Service Road. Services 16, 13, 196 to Marine Crescent or Marine Terrace and walk across the underpasses or overhead bridge. Services 15, 31, 36, 55, 76, 135, 196, 197 and 853 to Marine Parade Road (near Tao Nan School or the police post at Marine Parade Road).
  • Nearest carparks are C4 and D1.

It’s the weekends, so come along with your family members and friends. Come early to get a good spot and to check out the WWF booths to learn more about our marine conservation programme. Bring a picnic basket and mat to enjoy the sea breeze and sunset.

Make your picnic an ocean-friendly one. Make sure any seafood you bring is sustainable – here’s WWF Singapore Seafood Guide to help you along.

The event is free for all to attend.

Here’s the trailer of the movie:

Is not it beautiful? Hope you enjoy it.

Movie Review: Dolphin Tale

Image taken from wikipedia

Have you watch this movie – Dolphin Tale? It is one of the nice and most inspiring movie that I watched. I cried while watching this movie. I do love dolphins. It is funny in some ways (especially the kingfisher part) and quite touching at times especially the moment between Kyle, Saywer’s cousin trying to touch Winter and how the kids organised an event to save Winter.

It is about real-life story about Winter the Dolphin. Of course, Winter acted as herself in the movie. She was trapped on the crab trap & lost her tail. A dolphin without a tail – means it cannot swim and may die. But Winter has a strong willpower and managed to swim without a tail. However, this action causes more problems to her body and help is needed to create a suitable prosthetic for Winter to swim properly. It was not easy to create artificial tail for a dolphin.

Meanwhile, Saywer got to know about Dr McCarthy through his cousin, Kyle and Dr McCarthy promised to create a suitable artificial tail for Winter as he is a specialist in creating artificial limbs for the humans.

While saving Winter, Clearwater Medical Centre did had some problems as funds were running low. Watch this movie to find out how Saywer and other characters figure out a way to save Winter.

I will give this film a 5 out of 5 stars. Suitable for everybody to watch. Do not give up if you are facing problems and difficulties. Think of how Winter overcome her problem of her missing tail and her will to live on. And thank you for the people who created artificial tail/(s) for Winter.

To know more about the movie and download wallpapers and icons, please visit

Do visit to know more about Winter the dolphin and Clearwater Medical Centre at Florida, USA!


Music: Jay Chou’s Fragrance of Rice (稻香-周杰伦)

稻香 by周杰伦

It’s quite a meaningful song to motivate people when things do not go on the right way. I do like the lyrics and the melody of the song that was composed and written by Jay Chou. He did put in a lot of effort to write such a great song like this.

Hope you will enjoy this song 稻香 (Fragrance of Rice) by周杰伦 Jay Chou.

NEA Eco Music Challenge Season 2 Finale event @ Orchard Central

Hi readers, I was invited to attend NEA’s Eco Music Challenge Season 2 Finale event at Orchard Central on 27 August 2011. I was so happy to attend this event as I got to listen to great music based on the theme: environment in many different genres. This event was hosted by DJ Young from Lush 99.5FM.

This year’s NEA Eco Music Challenge Season 2 had attracted more than 300 entries and more than 900 participants took part in this competition. I would say this season is much more competitive than the 1st season as the number of people who took part in this competition has increased and people can write better songs.

Last season, they had Gayle Nerva from Singapore Idol 2, and Ng Imm Khim from Campus Superstar season 1, as well as one of the youngest finalist, Justin Teo took part in the finale of the Season 1 Eco Music Challenge. Last season, 11 songs were in English and 2 chinese songs were shortlisted in the finals.

For this season, most of the finalists’ songs are in English and there were only 2.5 chinese songs. Why 2.5 chinese songs but not a whole number like 2 or 3? You will find out why as you read on… The show was great and showcased many different talents and creativity of how people can write a song based on environment.

Dasmond Koh and Clement Chow were 2 of the 5 judges who were involved in the judging process of choosing the winning song as the 2012 theme song Clean and Green Singapore

13 Finalists were there to perform their masterpiece to the audience. They are 6th Avenue, Julian Kwok, Cynthia Lim’s friend Zuo En, 86&7, Teo Seng Loong, Nelson Tan Yan Cong & Qiann, Justina Tan, Sold Out Lies, Judah Lyne, Lee Feng Heng, Dr Joel Foo, Darren Lee Zong Ru, Riza Hamizan Mahmood and12 out of the 13 Finalists did an opening act called ‘Live it up’.

All of the finalists come from varied backgrounds; from students and music teachers to cabin crew member and doctor, and even one of Cleo Magazine’s 50 most eligible bachelors. The bands and individuals behind the 13 entries had underwent a three-week mentorship programme to prepare for the finale concert. They worked with popular local musicians, including former guest vocal trainer on Singapore Idol, Sara Wee, and veteran singer-songwriter, Clement Chow.

I was given a piece of paper to write down what I guessed will be the winning song but I won’t tell you what I guessed as the winning song 1st.Now let the show begin…

1st up, 6th Avenue sang their song “Take a stand” written by Zuher Razali. It is very rockish song. I do like the way the lead singer sang as this song.
Next up, Julian Kwok, his cousin and his friend performed his song Love for planet Earth (Reflection of an Astronaut). Great performance by them. The lyrics are inspiring and melody are great for this song. Julian said that this song was written with a 3rd eye view from an astronaut. The song is quite nice and lyrics are quite reflective to our real world.

Next, the 3rd to perform was Cynthia Lim’s friend Zuo En who sang Cynthia Lim’s 她 (Her), a Chinese Song. There were dancers too. This melody sounded quite refreshing and gave me a very lively feeling.
Next, 86 & 7 went up to perform their song “Make her Whole”. This group is make up of members who are born in the year of 1986 or 1987. Emily, the only female member of 86 & 7 is the lead singer. This song has a very jazzy, very unique feel as part of the chorus is sung by GT (the leader and male voice of the song). I do like this song too.

5th finalist to perform is Teo Seng Loong. He was the only finalist who did a solo performance, singing his song “Save Our Earth” while playing the keyboard. He was 1 of the Cleo’s 50 bachelor as well as SIM GE undergraduate. His song was inspired by a bin and has slow tempo incorporated with some sounds & slightly R&B style in his singing.

Next, a Chinese Song will be sung by Qiann. This song is called “绿色环境 ” (Green Environment) and was written by Nelson Tan Yan Cong. It is also a dance song with a very lively tune. The tune has something similar to C Major (by Angela Chang 张韶涵). Very bubblegum pop feeling.

Next up, Justina Tan with her band, Hyphen, performed her song, “SOS –  Save Our Souls”. This song is quite a pop-rock. Her lead singer is Sara from the US. I like the lyrics of the song as the Earth is really getting hotter and hotter.

Time for a break with special performances by:
1. Huang Xue Ting and Aaron Lim林伟强 . Aaron is from Intune music school and he’s playing keyboard while Huang Xue Ting will be playing her guitar and singing a song from Denise Ho何韵诗 ,诗与胡说 . Although I have not listen to Denise Ho何韵诗’s song but her song is quite meaning. This was my 1st time watching Huang Xue Ting’s performance.

2. Brandon Lee & His band
This was my 1st time seeing his performance as I had not heard of him before. He sang 2 numbers, Invincible and Breathe Free. Breathe Free is a song that is related to the environment. I do like both of his songs.
For more information on him, feel free to visit for more details and his songs

Now back to the remaining 6 finalists performing.
Sold Out Lies, with their lead singer, Jason Hui, sung their song, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Reduce Reuse Recycle Your Things)”. It’s very different from the rest of the finalists as it’s very punk and rock feeling and I did not expect that Eco-related song can be sung in such a way. Quite creative and I like it.

Next up, Judah Lyne performed her dance song, Set Her Free. It was great to have dancers to accompany this song. This tune sounded like it is similar with Madonna’s songs.

Next, Lee Feng Heng, or known as Feng, and his team mates performed their song “World Without Fences”. Feng likes to play guitar and movie score. His team is the only team has a celloist. He also has a keyboard player, conga drum player too. This song sounded very calming and nice and has a great music arrangement. Feng said this song was inspired by last year’s Clean and Green Singapore Theme song – Heaven on Earth.

Next, Dr Joel Foo ( a doctor in private practice) and his lead singer of the song, his friend, Adrian Kuek (a teacher) performed their song, Lost in time. This song was written many years ago and was accompanied by a guitar. It is quite a simple song but I felt that they can polish up the song to make it even better.

Next, the only team which do a hybrid song (bilingual song  – with English and Chinese) called 早安你好!. This song was written by Darren Lee Zong Ru from SMU and sung by his friend, Rei. They called themselves ” 早安“.This song has quite refreshing and creative. I did not expect that a hybrid song can be written and sung in such a way to make it nice. Now you know why I said it’s 2.5 Chinese songs.

Last finalist to perform was Riza Hamizan Mahmood. His group performed a song called “Change of Tomorrow”. It’s the only group which used ocean rock to create music for part of the song. It has a rockish feeling and watching a live band performing for the last song to be sung to the audience.
After the last 6 finalists performed their numbers, there were 3 more special performances by Toh Yi Fan, Shawn Tok and Inch Chua while the judges went for discussion and tabulate the results.

Toh Yi Fan (the white t-shirt boy in the middle of the pic next to DJ Young)

People may not know who is Toh Yi Fan. Yi Fan, a 14 year old boy from Dunman High School, is a winner of Young Musician Award. I really did not expect that people can even write a rap song on environment He wrote a rap song called “Clean and Green” for this season of Eco Music Challenge.

When he 1st rap the song on the stage. I was so surprised that he can rap very well. Like Enimem. The rap is very well written and it is not easy to do a rap. Although the chorus of the rap song is not that strong (but has the feeling of Black Eyed Peas’s “Where is the Love?”, but I felt that he really deserves to be the winner of Young Musician Award with his strong rap and compose more songs.

Next, Shawn Tok, grand champion of Campus Superstar season 2, performed 2 Chinese numbers. 拯救世界 (Save the Earth) and 和世界一起旅行(Travel together with the World). He has just released his Chinese Album and it is on sale at Popular CD rama and other music stores. He said 拯救世界 is a song on environment. Visit his page at for more updates of his events if you are interested.

Inch Chua, NEA Eco Music Challenge season 2 poster girl, performed 2 of her numbers, Discern and Mount Epiphany. This was my 3rd time seeing her performance live. (1st time was at NEA Eco Music Showcase at Timbre, 2nd time was during National Heritage Festival event at Fort Canning). She said Mount Epiphany was a song written related to environment. I do like her songs. For more information, feel free to visit her website to listen to her songs and updates.


Time to give out the prizes. Top 5 winners were announced as well as the most popular song award winner.

Lai Yi Xuan was the winner of the most popular song award. She wrote a song called If You Paint a Picture of Me. I felt sad that the most popular song was not performed or played during the event, which as a pity. But if you wish to listen to the most popular song, visit

5th place: Judah Lyne’s Set Her Free
4th place: Change of Tomorrow by Riza Hamizan Mahmood
3rd place: 早安你好! by 早安 (Darren Lee Zong Ru and Rei)
2nd place: Love for planet Earth (Reflections of an Astronaut) by Julian Kwok

And the winner is…… (drum roll…….)

World Without Fences (the song that I voted as the winning song) by Lee Feng Heng. His song is great and they really deserve to be the winner of the song. Stay tune for the TV commercial on this song as Clean and Green Singapore 2012 Theme song.

So you wish to listen to all the 13 finalists, the most popular song and the best young musician’s song? Visit and feel free to listen to their songs!
Beside that, the top 3 winners get to perform at Timbre on 1 day and I cannot wait to watch them performing at Timbre! And I am looking forward for Eco Music Challenge Season 3!

Thank you NEA for the wonderful invitation to this event as I enjoyed this event very much with the wonderful songs.