Advertisement: I Was There Campaign with Samsung Galaxy Camera

I Was There Campaign with Samsung Galaxy Camera

I WAS THERE campaign is set to socialize the benefits of Samsung GALAXY Camera by sharing unique experiences instantly based on Singaporeans’ passion points – Eat, Shop, Travel and Music.

Be a part of the immersive, authentic and exclusive experience by capturing every moment with the Samsung GALAXY camera and creating your own visual diary which you can share with everyone! It’s truly an experience like no other!

Additionally, fans can stand a chance to win one of the two Samsung GALAXY Cameras by liking, sharing and commenting on exclusive photos at the Capture Desmond Tan Event Gallery! Desmond Tan (with his famous role – Luo Xiao Xiao in Xing Zhou Zhi Ye or A Song to Remember) is one of Mediacorp Singapore Artistes.

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Win a Dream Holiday with vPOST

vPOST is an online shopping and shipping portal by Singapore Post, which offers its members free personalised addresses in the USA, Europe, Japan and China. vPOST members can shop from thousands of overseas online merchants’ site and ship their purchases to their personalized vPOST address and vPOST will deliver their purchases to their doorstep. Consolidate the purchases from different merchants and enjoy lower shipping charges.

This Christmas, shop for your gifts from thousands of overseas online merchants and ship your purchases with vPOST. What’s more, 3 lucky winners will stand to win their dream holiday. Only vPost members will stand chances to win the prizes!
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CapitaMalls Wishlist iPhone App – No more second-guessing on what your friends want for Christmas!

Christmas is just round the corner! Have no idea or inspiration on what to get for your loved one? Have no clue on what they like? No more second guessing this festive season with CapitaMalls Wishlist iPhone App.

This new App enables users to browse catalogues and get inspiration for gift ideas. They can also form their own wish lists of gifts they would like to receive, and share the lists with their friends. At the same time, users can find out what their friends want for Christmas.

The cool thing? The app is equipped with a Shopping Planner to help you locate the items added to your shopping list at the nearest CapitaMall!

So no more reason to get the wrong Christmas present, put a smile on those faces now! You have the right app just to work that jolly magic for the season!

I think I am going to install this app to my android device and try out the functions soon!

Terrorville Interactive Drama

Set in an isolated mansion, the acceptance of an innocuous dinner invitation ensnares five guests in a stranger’s cruel killing game. Caught between escape and saving the lives of others, YOU must make decisions for the characters in TERRORVILLE.

Uncover secrets with in-show interactive features like “unlockable assets” and “mini puzzle” which help to unravel the truth behind murders.

Play as Tom, the detective, to scrutinize the murder scenes and piece together vital clues. Or seek the thrill of dealing with supernatural entities as Mary.

What are you waiting for? Take charge in this interactive horror story. Entry* is FREE.
For more information visit: or
* Exit not guaranteed

Advertisement: Win a trip to any European City by downloading iFeedback & feedback to Nestle!

Nestle is into her 100th year and they’ve created iFeedback, a mobile application to collect feedback on Nestle’s products and packaging! Participants can win cash prizes and 2 Finnair tickets to ANY Euporean city by downloading the app!

Just download the app, scan barcode of any Nestle product and join the contest by submitting your feedback and suggestions! That easy! 🙂

The app and contest details can be found on : 

Topic: Could I live without the internet

Can I live without the internet? I do not know how long I can live without the internet.

I know I can live without the internet but it is only for a few days. I managed to survive without it for a few days while I was in overseas traveling. In overseas, I tend to be more busy and spent time on traveling and sleeping and no time to bother about using the internet.

furthermore, internet charges in the hotel and certain countries are quite expensive compared to Singapore. No worries as I do not need to check emails and I just want enjoy to myself without the internet. But in Singapore, I just really cannot live without internet.

The main reason why I need internet is to check and sent emails for  my stuff. as well as blogging and playing games online

But I am quite worry because of the emails i receiving from other parties may be urgent if I do not check it often.

So I would say that I could live without the internet to a certain extent if I am not in Singapore especially in places with very little internet and expensive resources as well as other things to do in overseas. But I cannot live without the internet in Singapore.

How about you?

What tech can’t I live without?

I cannot live without … IT!!!!!!!!!

It connects me to the world.

It helps me to type out my reports as well as do my assignments.

It can help me to destress myself by playing games.

It can store some of my files and data for storage as well as uploading.

It plays music, videos, songs as well as animations.

I can use it to do some photoshop and editing as well as making videos, logos and beautiful things.

And IT’s Computer.That’s all folks.