Movie Trailer: Finding Dory

Somewhere beyond the sea – Now we have to join in the adventures to find Dory….


《葉問3 Ip Man 3》in Cinemas now

Watched Ip Man 3《葉問3》in cinema recently. Featuring casts – Donnie Yen 甄子丹 as Ip Man, Lynn Hung 熊黛林 as wife of Ip Man, Max Zhang Jin 张晋(husband of Ada Choi Siu Fun蔡少芬), Patrick Tam Yiu Man 谭耀文 and renowned boxer champion Mike Tyson.

《葉問3》先行預告 Ip Man 3 Teaser Trailer

Ip Man 3 Making of (Action)

Movie Review:

If you enjoy martial arts and fighting scenes, you will enjoy this movie as it showcases Wing Chun 咏春拳, a form of Chinese Martial Arts which is quite popular in Hong Kong. Muk Yan Jong 木人樁(Wooden Dummy is frequently featured in this movie.

For this action packed movie, it focuses on the moves and the grooves. I would say that Patrick Tam’s imaging for the hooligan was well done. Lynn Hung looked more elegant in her qipao compared to the previous installment of Ip Man 1 & Ip Man 2.

It also showcases the emotional side of Ip Man with his wife and his younger son Ip Ching and jealousy of Cheung Tin Chi who thinks his Wing Chun is authentic compared to Ip Man’s Wing Chun.

Do watch if you like Martial arts.


1965 Movie trailer

1965 – A year which was very significant and special in every Singaporeans. Yes it was the year when Singapore became independent. It showcases part of Singapore history – Racial Riots, uncertainty, and Singapore‘s Independence.

1965 movie will be coming to Singapore Cinemas from 30 July 2015 onwards. 1965 is directed by Randy Ang. 1965 the movie — Starring with Lim Kay Tong as Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Qi Yuwu, Joanne Peh, James Seah, Singapore Idol 3 winner – Sezairi Sezali, Deanna Yusoff, DJ Mike Kasem.

Here’s the movie trailer. Enjoy the movie!

Movie Trailer: Ah Boyz to Men III – Frogmen

It is a uniquely Singaporean Movie  featuring army life of the National Service men in the Navy unit by Jack Neo. Some of the Ah Boyz to Men I and II charactors are back in action – Joshua Tan as Ken Chow, Irene Ang as Mrs Chow (Ken’s mother), Richard Low as Mr Chow (Ken’s father), Wang Weiliang as Lobang, Aileen Tan as Mrs Lo (Lobang’s mother), Malaysian Actress Joey Leong as Lo Wei (Lobang’s sister), Maxi Lim as Aloysius Jin, Wesley Wong (Hong Kong Actor, Angie Chiu’s son) as Hei Long aka Black Dragon, Tosh Zhang as Sergeant  Alex Ong, Jasper Lai as Handsome, Bunz as Sam Justin Dominic Mission and a few others.

It was not an easy movie to film as the actors had to undergo many training – Martial arts, Navy drills and 1 of the actors was hospitalised and a few got injured. Do catch this movie at the nearest cinemas nearby and enjoy!

Here’s the trailer: 

Movie – Stand By Me: Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん & Doraemon events ending soon


哆啦A夢 ドラえもん Doraemon craze has come over to Singapore for the past few weeks with the Bugis and JCube 哆啦A夢  ドラえもん Doraemon Pop up store, 哆啦A夢  ドラえもん Doraemon Expo in City Square Johor Bahru, 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん Doraemon Christmas Tree at One Raffle Place and Stand By Me: Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん  movie.

Doraemon Christmas Tree at One Raffles Place

There will be 2 different language version of this movie to be shown in Singapore movie cinemas – Mainly in Japanese and a few in Mandarin Chinese. 

It is about Sewashi (Nobita’s great grandson) sending Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん to 22nd century to aid Nobi Nobita 野比 のび太 aka Da Xiong 大雄 to change his destiny and the fate. You will be seeing other characters such as Shizuka aka Jing Xiang 靜香, Suneo aka 小夫 Xiao Fu, Gian aka 剛田武/nickname 胖虎. It is a very touching movie as we can see how close Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん and Nobita 大雄 after Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん came into 大雄 Nobita’s life. 

Here is the trailer of the movie.

With English Subtitles.

Cannot wait to see this movie in cinemas soon after watching the trailers.

Stand by Me : Doraemon


Love its endearing smile. 

By the way, do visit Singapore’s Doraemon pop up stores at JCube (near Jurong East MRT Station) and Bugis + (near Bugis MRT Station) to buy some of the thematic items at discounted prices.

50% off thematic items


Doraemon (taken at 100 Secret Gadgets Expo at City Square JB)

There is also a 100 Secret Gadget Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん Expo at City Square Johor Bahru (near the CIQ JB area) till 4 January 2015. For Singaporeans, you will need a passport to go to JB, Malaysia.

Ticket: RM25 for aged 13 years old to 59 years old, free for  senior citizens above 60 years old and children 12 and below. Do visit the exhibitions to see the 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん Doraemons and buy limited edition Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん Mechandise. They do have discount for the thematic items too.

Doraemon Lucky Star with Bottle

I bought some Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん mechandise. Have you? 

Terima Kasih (Thank you) organizers for bringing Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん. 

Do visit and for more updates and catch Stand by Me: Doraemon 哆啦A夢 ドラえもん movie!!!

Paddington – The movie

My favorite Peruvian bear is finally on the screen! So cute. I love its positive attitude as it always smiles.

Paddington Bear

I used to own quite a number of Paddington bear t-shirts as the t-shirts were more easily available in the mid 2000s and nowadays it is not easy to find Paddington bear products in the shops. I even designed a clock based on Paddington bear then.

Paddington Bear with his suitcase

This bear travelled from Peru to London on its own after its home was being destroyed by earthquake and its guardian – Aunt Lucy, had to go to home for the retirement bears. Paddington station – was the place where it met Mr Brown and his family, thus they named it as Paddington.

Aunt Lucy

Paddington as it faces its own adventures while getting used to its new life in London while being chased by Milicent (Nicole Kidman) to be part of her collection for display.

Do have a good laugh while watching this polite bear getting into troubles unwittingly and adapting the new environment. I will give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

Now, please take care of this bear and enjoy the show. See you next time.