Parting Glances: Singapore’s Evolving Spaces Exhibition at National Library Building

Parting Glances: Singapore’s Evolving Spaces Photo exhibition will be held at level 7 National Library Building at 100 Victoria Street, from 25 July to 31 August 2013. It features 6 different neighbourhoods namely, Seletar Camp, Lorong Buangkok, Macpherson, People’s Park Chinatown, Queentown and Pulau Ubin.

Many things and buildings have to make way for redevelopment purposes. It is difficult to part them and its rich history. With an 
aim to capture and preserve history as it is unfolding, Parting Glances brings Singapore’s delicate balancing act of forging the future while preserving the past to centre stage through these 24 photos and the accompanying launch of a hardcover book with the same title.

Do visit the exhibition soon. For more details, please visit


Get A Grip, Singapore with Canon Powershot N!

How many times have you seen your friend post a similar photo of a latte from the café they are visiting? Or, the cat they are looking at on their void deck? This list goes on… For the same or similar photos

Now is your opportunity to take a Pledge against such same same photos and be a part of the Get A Grip movement. The first 500 people to pledge will get a free t-shirt!

By visiting the site – – you can use the “Creative Mode” to freshen up your photos on Facebook in the click of a button, you can you can tag your friends who are guilty of always posting boring photos – like the one who always posts latte art – and, you can showcase your best photos to prove you have a grip on your pics!  Look at the differences between the 2 photos!

Original Picture


Creative Mode

More importantly, Canon’s giving away the ultimate tool to help Singaporeans Get a Grip on their photos – the new Canon PowerShot N camera! Each week one camera is up for grabs for people who have taken part in the movement.

Advertisement: I Was There Campaign with Samsung Galaxy Camera

I Was There Campaign with Samsung Galaxy Camera

I WAS THERE campaign is set to socialize the benefits of Samsung GALAXY Camera by sharing unique experiences instantly based on Singaporeans’ passion points – Eat, Shop, Travel and Music.

Be a part of the immersive, authentic and exclusive experience by capturing every moment with the Samsung GALAXY camera and creating your own visual diary which you can share with everyone! It’s truly an experience like no other!

Additionally, fans can stand a chance to win one of the two Samsung GALAXY Cameras by liking, sharing and commenting on exclusive photos at the Capture Desmond Tan Event Gallery! Desmond Tan (with his famous role – Luo Xiao Xiao in Xing Zhou Zhi Ye or A Song to Remember) is one of Mediacorp Singapore Artistes.

For more information visit:

Advertisement: NECDC National Day Cover Photo Contest

North East CDC will be launching a National Day Cover Photo Contest to mark our Nation’s 47th Birthday!

We invite talented designers and aspiring photographers to showcase their best National Day Cover Photo designs, and stand to win attractive prizes, including 2 NDP tickets and total cash voucher worth $600!

Terms & conditions applies. Visit its facebook page for more details!

Closing Date: 3 August 2012

Shine Youth Festival 2012: Opening Ceremony at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza

Shine Youth Festival

This is my 5th time attending Shine Youth Festival event. This year theme is slightly different from the previous 2 years and that is “Fire up your passion“. So what is your passion? My passion is contribute to the society.  I did donate my blood to save a few lives. I helped out as a volunteer for some events too.

So have you pledge online? I have pledged. “Whether it takes, I will….”

Even Jayesslee, Mr Chan Chun Sing and a number of people have pledged as well.

“Whatever it takes, I will keep sharing my story and songs.”

Mr Chan’s writing on the board. “Whatever it takes, I will develop a generation of inspired and committed youth.”

Mr Chan’s holding the board with his written message

Pledging can be quite simple. Go to to submit your pledge!

Besides pledging, there were quite a lot of interesting activities at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza on 30 June as well. Such as Cosmo Youth Parade (4th year) whereby people wear costumes & parade from Ngee Ann Civic plaza to 313 Somerset and back again at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza.

Some in animal costumes…

Even spiderman’s here. Have you watch the amazing spiderman?


Death note as well…

Death note & other anime characters

Some of them do not wear costumes, however, they are helpers to hold the dragons for the cosmo parade.

Green Dragon

There’s even dragon made up of cans…

Dragon made up of cans

Colour dragon

And the longest dragon amongst all the dragon – the blue dragon

Blue Dragon with red scales – The shot was not good then

The dragon with the red scales was the longest amongst all. About 300metres long.

Shine Youth Festival 2012 has quite a lot of activities from 30 June 2012 to 29 July 2012. A month long event organised by the youths for the youths. They also Singapore Street Festival, BB cares and many more about activities. Visit for more upcoming events.

There’s a board for people to write down what they aspired when they were young and what they aspire to be now. So what do you aspire to do?

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew was part of the sponsors which sponsored mountain dew for people to quench their thirst under the hot sun.


Do you want to play stacko? Careful if the stacks fall …

Nescafe booth

There’s also Nescafe booth for people to enjoy coffee drinks too.

There’s some voluntary organisations too. 1 of them is Community Social Movement under the wing of National Youth Council.

The other is NUS community service club group.

There’s also Team Singapore Booth too.

This is because London 2012 Olympics is coming real soon on 27 July 2012. Do catch our Singapore athletes competing in Olympics 2012 at London from 27 July 2012 to 12 August 2012.

Team Singapore athletes with Mr Chan Chun Seng, Mr Nabil, Mr Martin Tan

Theresa Goh (swimmer), Jovin Seah (sailor) were there at the Team Singapore Booth that day.

Wanna play with table tennis?

There’s also urban sport challenge whereby participants can take part & have fun. Here’s some of the challenges.

Gladiator Jousting


Tennis accuracy

Hockey Manoeuvre

Vortex Smoke Gun – I did not manage to take the picture of their gun.

There are also some performances from Toh Yi Fan (Singapore’s top rapper cum NEA Eco Music Challenge 2 Young Musician winner), Charles Stitch Wong (Beatboxer, Singapore Idol 3), Ridwan Azman (Campus Superstar 3) and Joel Tan from Gentle Bones.

They did 3 songs – Price Tag (Jessie J), Baby (Justin Bieber) and Pieces (Tzire – Toh Yi Fan feat Joel Tan). Their song pieces sounded great.

Here’s the song Pieces.

Opening ceremony of Shine Youth Festival 2012 – Graced by Mr Chan Chun Seng

There’s also Dell-Intel Concert featuring Clarence Liew, 20 year old youtube singer, Jack & Rai and: Jayesslee… I will continue on my next blog post. Stay tune.

Dell-intel concert

For more updates and information on Shine Youth Festival, please visit!

Sentosa Flowers 2012 event

Sorry for my late post as I was busy with my projects and studies then.

This year’s my 6th time going to Sentosa Flowers/Lights event during Chinese New Year period. People could even visit the Sentosa Flowers at Mount Faber area. However, due to my time schedule, I did not have the time to visit Mount Faber to visit the Sentosa Flower exhibits there. This also marked my dad’s last visit to Sentosa before he passed away early this year.

Again, I started my journey from Sentosa Boardwalk at Vivocity with my parents by walking with them. It’s good to start early morning walk as the weather was cool then.

Of course, walking is good for your health while you get to see beautiful scenery.

Approaching Sentosa soon…

Now at Resorts World Sentosa. Can’t you feel the Chinese New Year Spirit while seeing those flowers?

Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium

Walked past Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium. Hope to visit  this place 1 day when I am free.

Universal Studios, Singapore

Walked past Universal Studios, Singapore. Went there twice and hope to visit there again as I did not visit the newer attractions such as Transformers, Madagascar then.


The main lead of Sentosa Flowers – Dragon

Isn’t it look great from far? Yes, this year’s Sentosa Flowers will be more on Dragons than other Zodiacs. Haha. Although I am not born in the year of the Dragon, but the dragons looked very cute.

RWS - Dragon

RWS – Dragon

Took a photo of RWS logo with the 2 dragons and my mother.

Dragon with Chinese lanterns

It was not easy to make a big dragon with so many Chinese Lanterns.


Pink Dragon

Flowers were used to make dragon decoration and placed along the stairs.

Silver dragon

Silver dragon

2 Dragons

2 Dragons

The Thinker

Can you think what he is thinking about?

The Thinker statue… He’s thinking deeply. Haha.

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon


Now walking towards Merlion…

What are those kids looking for?

What are those kids looking for?

Every year will have abundance of fishes

Every year will have abundance of fishes

The fishes looked so cute right?

Baby Merlion

Baby Merlion

Isn’t it very cute? Kawaii!

Sentosa – with cute sea creatures decor

Map of Sentosa Flowers 2012

Map of Sentosa Flowers 2012

Here’s the map of all the decors for Sentosa Flowers 2012.

Big Dragon near the water

Big Dragon near the water

This big dragon looked scary. Luckily it doesn’t ‘spit’ out fire like mystical dragons.

画龙点睛Huà Lóng Diǎn Jīng, to add eyes to the picture of a dragon

画龙点睛Huà Lóng Diǎn Jīng, to add eyes to the picture of a dragon

画龙点睛. There’s an inkpad but where’s the brush to add the eyes to the dragon? Anyway, I was in Sentosa quite early to avoid the crowd and hot weather.





Why were there eggs? Any thing will be cracking soon? Are eggs related to dragon? Let me think…



Now I know why. Dinosaurs are hatched from eggs. Dinosaurs are known as 恐龙 (Kong Long) in Chinese. 恐竜 (Japanese). It means scary lizard. Because of the chinese character 龙 and this year is a year of 龙 (dragon). Thus, there was a dinosaur decoration then.

Reminded me of Power Rangers for the blue ranger. Haha.

Dragon in the sand?

Dragon in the sand? 祥龍亭

Did not expect that Dragon can be shaped using sand. Something like sandcastle. I think quite a lot of effort is needed to keep the sand in shape so that the wind won’t blow them away.


Guess Valentine Day was coming soon then? Haha.

2 dragons lover

Tea Journey

Tea Journey

Welcome to Tea Journey! Do you like to drink tea?

For Smelling tea leaves? Any Long Jing 龙井 or notNo wonder tea is also related to the year of Dragon. Because of  Long Jing 龙井 tea. Long Jing tea’s quite famous.

Teapot & teacups

Teapot & teacups

Look at the design of the teapot. Dragon motif. Haha.

Tea Plantation area

Tea Plantation area

Planting and growing tea leaves are not so easy from how it looks….

Wok & equipments for tea leaves?

Mini-statues on how tea was made

Mini-statues on how tea was made & tasted

Don’t they look real to you?

Complete tea set

Complete tea set

Area for resting

Area for resting

It’s a pity that there’s no tea for tasting. Can’t practise what I learn from sado  茶 道 (tea ceremony or way of drinking tea).

Butterfly and bird flying…

Music note

Music note 1

Reminded me of my music lessons.

Music note 2

Music note 2

However, no chinese new year song was played while walking along with the notes. If not, it will be fun.

Music note 3

Music note 3



Too bad I cannot play a cello. Well, it is not that easy to master how to play those instruments. I did found it difficult to play guitar and recorder within the 1st attempt.

What is the green thing with peacock feather in the picture?

Dragon Fruit

龙珠果 Dragon Fruit (known as pitaya)

Since this year is the year of the dragon, there is fruit that is known as Dragon fruit 龙珠果. Very nice to eat as my mum bought that quite regularly. I heard it is quite good for our skin and body. I also went to Dragon fruit farm in Singapore (around Kranji area) too.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit



There were orchids on display as well. I remembered there were quite a lot of orchids during the 2007 Sentosa Flowers event too.

Aren’t they cute? With the magic wand to bloom those beautiful flowers. Wow!


Dragonfly 蜻蜓

Yes. There’s dragonfly蜻蜓. (Dragon-fly) since it is the year of dragon. Although the chinese character does not have 龙.


Dragonflies 蜻蜓



Ohhhh…… Where were we heading now?

Oh. It’s under the sea…. Under the sea. I felt like singing “Under the sea” song  or Beyond the sea  (sung by Robbie Williams) for the Finding Nemo movie. Wait a second. Did I mention about Nemo? Where’s Nemo? Oh dear. Nemo’s lost and we had to find Nemo.



Jellyfish. Of course, I did saw real jellyfishes in my life during my sailing trip 6 years ago. The real ones I seen in my life were small and tiny. Luckily, I was not bitten by those jellyfishes.



Seahorse is quite a unique animal. Don’t you think so? The head does look like a real horse. Male seahorses carry the eggs deposited by the female seahorses and ‘give birth’ to baby seahorses.

Is Nemo hidden inside?

Still finding Nemo.



The crab’s waving to all of us.

What is this?

What’s this fish? No resemblance to Nemo.



This fish looked very familiar? Nemo? Oh found it. That’s great.

Glad it’s fine after we found it. Well this marked the end of the Sentosa Journey for me for Sentosa Flowers 2012.

The weather was so hot after a long walk then. So it’s best to go there either during the morning time or weekdays to take good pictures of the decorations.

I am looking forward for more exciting Sentosa Flowers related events during Chinese New Year! Visit

Anyway, Sentosa is having its 40th Anniversary Celebration this year from now till Sept 2012. There are indeed many changes to Sentosa for the past 40 years. From Musical Fountain and Fantasy Island to Resort World Sentosa and Ifly, what other new changes will be coming up? Visit on Sentosa 40 years for more information! Have FUN!

My railway track walking adventures part VIII

Sorry for the lacking of updates as I was busy with my project and studies then.

Level Crossing at Sungei Kadut Road!

Welcome back to my railway track walking adventures part VIII (8). This part of the journey will be from 4th level crossing located near Sungei Kadut level crossing to Kranji area.

 reached 4th level crossing at Sungei Kadut Road after a long walk from Ten Mile Junction to Stagmont Ring Road to here along the canal area. It was not an easy walk though.

One of the most dangerous roads I even crossed in my life here. As this place is an industrial area.

Part of the remains of the level crossing dumped at the side of the railway track.

Signalling office for KTM staff.

An area of serenity after crossing the road.

Oh, the hut was the staff’s office area to rest.

Message from KTM train staff who stationed at Sungei Kadut road crossing on the door written in Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language).

Abandoned buildings near the KTM railway tracks…

Beautiful view … Walking along the way.

Approaching next (the 5th) level crossing real soon….

1842 – Structure of the concrete tunnel.

761.5KM away from Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.

5th level crossing- demolishing. What a pity.

5th level Crossing area at Kranji Road = marks the end of the KTM from Tanjong Pagar to Kranji adventures

As I had no time to explore further up to Kampong Fatimah (old swampy kampong area) before reaching the new Woodlands Train Checkpoint. My walking adventures from Tanjong Pagar to Kranji area ended here as the pathway had to be closed for the removal of tracks.

Summary of my walking adventures (chorus from Nickelback’s photograph):

Every memory of looking out the back door,
I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor.
It’s hard to say it, time to say it,
Goodbye, goodbye.
Every memory of walking out the front door,
I found the photo of the friend (the place) that I was looking for.
It’s hard to say it, time to say it,
Goodbye, goodbye.

Shall stop my part VIII(8) of my KTM railway track walking adventures here. 

However, this won’t be the end of the railway track walking adventures as there is still part of the KTM railway tracks left behind from the old Jurong line in Singapore. I even spotted 1 canal bridge near German Centre along Jurong east area at AYE while I was on the bus. There’s some construction near part of the old railway tracks. Some of the railways tracks may be gone for good for Singapore development while some will still remain as part of Singapore history.

I also took buses past Ngee Ann Poly area regularly as I reminded me that the old Jurong line used to pass by the area near the Corona florist shop towards Sunset way direction. I wish to explore those areas when I am free. 

However due to the recent developments in Singapore, we may not be able to see much of the Jurong Line left in Singapore. It will be hard to see the old railway tracks as some of the tracks were either removed or covered up by grasses.

Beside the old Jurong line, there are KTM railway tracks in Peninsula Malaysia (of course not for walking). You can consider to visit Ipoh and/or KL Sentral train station/(s) You can consider taking a train from 1 area in Malaysia to another area. Do take note of the train timings. I was glad that I managed to take KTM train from Malaysia to Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. I may want to take KTM train to explore and enjoy the scenery area the tracks.

For my other parts of KTM railway track walking adventures, feel free to read them:

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Stay tune for more updates!