Kotex Fresh Liner: A whole new Breathable Upgrade

Kotex Fresh Liners: We’ve designed a liner that lasts, and keeps you fresh for longer. And now, its breathable too! Wow! Are you exciting to try out Kotex® Fresh Liners!

We know women. And we know you want freshness that lasts. So we’ve created a liner that does, too. Kotex® Fresh Liners have what it takes to make it through the toughest thing any woman can put them through a regular day in their lives.

In tests, 2x the number of women rated Kotex® Fresh liners as being more durable and being able to hold their shape and not twist, fold or fray, better than the leading brand of liner. Kotex has newly upgraded their full range, and now Kotex is first to own 100% range of breathable liners in Singapore. Isn’t it amazing and wonderful? Go try it out today!

Visit https://www.facebook.com/iknowmovement for more details!


Singapore Cord Blood Bank

Singapore Cord Blood Bank

The Celebration of a Baby’s Birth … A Gift of Life to Another!

This precious gift of life, the blood from the umbilical cord, used to be routinely discarded after the birth of a baby. Today, this gift can be collected after the baby’s birth and donated to a public cord blood bank to help someone with a life-threatening disease (mainly leukemia).

More about the Singapore Cord Blood Bank (from the brochure they gave me)

The Singapore Cord Blood Bank is Singapore’s only non-profit public cord blood bank. Officially opened in September 2005, and was set-up in response to a demand for unrelated donor umbilical cord blood for transplantation therapy by Haematologists (doctors who specialise in study of blood) and Paediatrician (doctors who specialise in children’s diseases) in Singapore.

At present, the chances of a Singaporean finding a potentially life-saving stem cell match are slim. While there are a large number of donors of Caucasian origin in bone marrow and cord blood registries around the world, 65% – 80% of Asians worldwide are currently unable to find a match. As a result, many Singaporeans and patients in Asia succumb to diseases that might otherwise be treated with a blood stem cell transplant.

With this national resource  (for cord blood), over 100 patients have been given a chance of survival in Singapore and around the world.


According to staff advocate from Singapore Cord Blood Bank, Singapore Cord Blood Bank is the only public blood bank which has the most Asian based cord blood.

7 Steps to Cord Blood Donations

Of course, the donated cord blood will be used to save lives of those who needed it.

For Expectant mothers, it is up to you to decide whether you want to donate your baby’s cord blood and for those mothers who have donated their baby’s cord blood, do share your experiences.


Visit http://www.scbb.com.sg/Pages/Home.aspx for more informations & learn more about how cord blood helps in saving lives.

Visit their facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/thescbb to be their fan & spread this cause to other people.

You can contact Singapore Cord Blood Bank @ (65) 63945011 or email them at info@scbb.com.sg if  you have any enquiries.

If you wish to make financial contributions to Singapore Cord Blood Bank, you can visit http://www.scbb.com.sg/SiteCollectionDocuments/SCBB_Takeone_Donation.pdf & download the form and send it to:


KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital
100 Bukit Timah Road, Women’s Tower Basement 1,
Unit OB60A, Singapore 229899

Tax deductible receipts from SingHealth Foundation are available for donations in support of the Singapore Cord Blood Bank.


Many lives are being saved with Cord Blood available. Hope you all will consider to save more lives by donating cord blood. As what I know, it is difficult to find a matching bone marrow compared to usage of cord blood to treat diseases. I am sharing this with all my readers as I hope more lives can be saved too (using cord blood than throwing away) and this move will be meaningful. Don’t you think so?

Thank you for reading this blog post.

Go Red for Women Picnic Day at Sengkang

This is my 1st time attending Go Red for Womens event for this picnic day today afternoon at Sengkang Kite Field. But this is not my 1st time coming for Singapore Heart Foundation event as I attended  their heart day events at different parts of Singapore. I was wearing red t-shirt for this event. =)

What is Go Red for Women? It is about women or females. A campaign to promote cardiovascular health to women as many people had misconception that only men will have cardiovascular disease, which is not true. For more information, please visit www.goredforwomen.org and www.goredforwomen.sg

I lost my way as I went to the wrong road but I still remembered the prominent landmarks near the area which is Anchorvale CC and the Hockey stadium. While on the way to the venue, I saw some interesting banners along the way. That Red dress is the logo for Go Red for Women. I remembered I did donated $2 to buy this badge a few years ago.

There was quite a lot of exciting activities there. People can picnic, do kite-flying (includes 1 of the largest kites to be flown in Singapore), enjoy great music by The Next Movement and King Kong Jane, Lucky draw, free health screening (Blood Pressure check, height, weight and fat analysis only), do some Stretchfitt exercise as well as redeem goodie bag for female registrants.

Got my goodie bag too. The goodie bag consists of picnic mat, kite, some healthy food products such as cereal, noodle and milk powder, and some other items, SHF newsletter as well as my favourite magazine – Cleo. Haha. =)Accidentally took it together with my home umbrella (it was raining while on my way to Anchorvale).

The event was graced by one of the MPs, Ms Penny Low and she gave such an inspiration speech. I personally felt that women should take charge of their health when they are still young and we have to be aware of that. Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer for women.

Of course, I enjoyed the Stretchfit exercise segment (by the Amore Fitness) the most as I could see the instructors doing the exercise while following them on how to do those stretches although i did some of the steps wrongly. Stretchfit is a type of exercise that incoporate yoga moves with stretches. It was a great workout as it helps to stretch some of my body muscles. Exercise is good for health and make people feel more relax and happy!

I also did my health screening too since I was there. As well as enjoying the great songs sung.

As a woman, I would start we better start to be aware of what we eat and our lifestyle. Women have a higher chance of developing heart disease when they reach menopause stage than men. Isn’t scary?

What are cardiovascular diseases? It can be heart problems such as heart failure, coronary arteries blockage which may cause heart attacks. High blood pressure is also not good for our body as it will cause some problems too as well as stroke.

So hope you all regardless of your gender, and start making the right choice to prevent health problems from occuring. As what everybody knows, prevention is better than cure. For me, I have my Blood pressure checked at least 1x yearly. No harm doing that.

I better start watching my diet as well as do exercises to keep myself fit. That’s all folks.

Cozycot Celebrates International Women’s Day 2011

Cozycot International Women Day Event

Cozycot is celebrating 100years of International Women Day. Let us salute to all women on this day. 8 March is known as International Women Day to commemorate women’s hardwork to the society and sacrifices to their family and lives.

For more information for the celebration, please visit http://www.cozycot.com/iwd