Chinese New Year 2013 to all my readers

Dear all my readers,

Wishing you all a happy Chinese New Year 2013 ahead! 蛇年行大运! 银蛇报春! Kung Hei Fatt Choi!


Sentosa Flowers 2012 event

Sorry for my late post as I was busy with my projects and studies then.

This year’s my 6th time going to Sentosa Flowers/Lights event during Chinese New Year period. People could even visit the Sentosa Flowers at Mount Faber area. However, due to my time schedule, I did not have the time to visit Mount Faber to visit the Sentosa Flower exhibits there. This also marked my dad’s last visit to Sentosa before he passed away early this year.

Again, I started my journey from Sentosa Boardwalk at Vivocity with my parents by walking with them. It’s good to start early morning walk as the weather was cool then.

Of course, walking is good for your health while you get to see beautiful scenery.

Approaching Sentosa soon…

Now at Resorts World Sentosa. Can’t you feel the Chinese New Year Spirit while seeing those flowers?

Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium

Walked past Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium. Hope to visit  this place 1 day when I am free.

Universal Studios, Singapore

Walked past Universal Studios, Singapore. Went there twice and hope to visit there again as I did not visit the newer attractions such as Transformers, Madagascar then.


The main lead of Sentosa Flowers – Dragon

Isn’t it look great from far? Yes, this year’s Sentosa Flowers will be more on Dragons than other Zodiacs. Haha. Although I am not born in the year of the Dragon, but the dragons looked very cute.

RWS - Dragon

RWS – Dragon

Took a photo of RWS logo with the 2 dragons and my mother.

Dragon with Chinese lanterns

It was not easy to make a big dragon with so many Chinese Lanterns.


Pink Dragon

Flowers were used to make dragon decoration and placed along the stairs.

Silver dragon

Silver dragon

2 Dragons

2 Dragons

The Thinker

Can you think what he is thinking about?

The Thinker statue… He’s thinking deeply. Haha.

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon


Now walking towards Merlion…

What are those kids looking for?

What are those kids looking for?

Every year will have abundance of fishes

Every year will have abundance of fishes

The fishes looked so cute right?

Baby Merlion

Baby Merlion

Isn’t it very cute? Kawaii!

Sentosa – with cute sea creatures decor

Map of Sentosa Flowers 2012

Map of Sentosa Flowers 2012

Here’s the map of all the decors for Sentosa Flowers 2012.

Big Dragon near the water

Big Dragon near the water

This big dragon looked scary. Luckily it doesn’t ‘spit’ out fire like mystical dragons.

画龙点睛Huà Lóng Diǎn Jīng, to add eyes to the picture of a dragon

画龙点睛Huà Lóng Diǎn Jīng, to add eyes to the picture of a dragon

画龙点睛. There’s an inkpad but where’s the brush to add the eyes to the dragon? Anyway, I was in Sentosa quite early to avoid the crowd and hot weather.





Why were there eggs? Any thing will be cracking soon? Are eggs related to dragon? Let me think…



Now I know why. Dinosaurs are hatched from eggs. Dinosaurs are known as 恐龙 (Kong Long) in Chinese. 恐竜 (Japanese). It means scary lizard. Because of the chinese character 龙 and this year is a year of 龙 (dragon). Thus, there was a dinosaur decoration then.

Reminded me of Power Rangers for the blue ranger. Haha.

Dragon in the sand?

Dragon in the sand? 祥龍亭

Did not expect that Dragon can be shaped using sand. Something like sandcastle. I think quite a lot of effort is needed to keep the sand in shape so that the wind won’t blow them away.


Guess Valentine Day was coming soon then? Haha.

2 dragons lover

Tea Journey

Tea Journey

Welcome to Tea Journey! Do you like to drink tea?

For Smelling tea leaves? Any Long Jing 龙井 or notNo wonder tea is also related to the year of Dragon. Because of  Long Jing 龙井 tea. Long Jing tea’s quite famous.

Teapot & teacups

Teapot & teacups

Look at the design of the teapot. Dragon motif. Haha.

Tea Plantation area

Tea Plantation area

Planting and growing tea leaves are not so easy from how it looks….

Wok & equipments for tea leaves?

Mini-statues on how tea was made

Mini-statues on how tea was made & tasted

Don’t they look real to you?

Complete tea set

Complete tea set

Area for resting

Area for resting

It’s a pity that there’s no tea for tasting. Can’t practise what I learn from sado  茶 道 (tea ceremony or way of drinking tea).

Butterfly and bird flying…

Music note

Music note 1

Reminded me of my music lessons.

Music note 2

Music note 2

However, no chinese new year song was played while walking along with the notes. If not, it will be fun.

Music note 3

Music note 3



Too bad I cannot play a cello. Well, it is not that easy to master how to play those instruments. I did found it difficult to play guitar and recorder within the 1st attempt.

What is the green thing with peacock feather in the picture?

Dragon Fruit

龙珠果 Dragon Fruit (known as pitaya)

Since this year is the year of the dragon, there is fruit that is known as Dragon fruit 龙珠果. Very nice to eat as my mum bought that quite regularly. I heard it is quite good for our skin and body. I also went to Dragon fruit farm in Singapore (around Kranji area) too.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit



There were orchids on display as well. I remembered there were quite a lot of orchids during the 2007 Sentosa Flowers event too.

Aren’t they cute? With the magic wand to bloom those beautiful flowers. Wow!


Dragonfly 蜻蜓

Yes. There’s dragonfly蜻蜓. (Dragon-fly) since it is the year of dragon. Although the chinese character does not have 龙.


Dragonflies 蜻蜓



Ohhhh…… Where were we heading now?

Oh. It’s under the sea…. Under the sea. I felt like singing “Under the sea” song  or Beyond the sea  (sung by Robbie Williams) for the Finding Nemo movie. Wait a second. Did I mention about Nemo? Where’s Nemo? Oh dear. Nemo’s lost and we had to find Nemo.



Jellyfish. Of course, I did saw real jellyfishes in my life during my sailing trip 6 years ago. The real ones I seen in my life were small and tiny. Luckily, I was not bitten by those jellyfishes.



Seahorse is quite a unique animal. Don’t you think so? The head does look like a real horse. Male seahorses carry the eggs deposited by the female seahorses and ‘give birth’ to baby seahorses.

Is Nemo hidden inside?

Still finding Nemo.



The crab’s waving to all of us.

What is this?

What’s this fish? No resemblance to Nemo.



This fish looked very familiar? Nemo? Oh found it. That’s great.

Glad it’s fine after we found it. Well this marked the end of the Sentosa Journey for me for Sentosa Flowers 2012.

The weather was so hot after a long walk then. So it’s best to go there either during the morning time or weekdays to take good pictures of the decorations.

I am looking forward for more exciting Sentosa Flowers related events during Chinese New Year! Visit

Anyway, Sentosa is having its 40th Anniversary Celebration this year from now till Sept 2012. There are indeed many changes to Sentosa for the past 40 years. From Musical Fountain and Fantasy Island to Resort World Sentosa and Ifly, what other new changes will be coming up? Visit on Sentosa 40 years for more information! Have FUN!

River HongBao 2012 at Floating Platform at Marina Bay

River Hong Bao 2012 will be at Floating Platform at Marina Bay from 21 Jan to 29 Jan 2012. It will be open from 12pm to 11.30pm daily except 22 Jan 2012 (Chinese New Year Eve) where it will be closed at 1am. Free admission.

This year we will welcome the year of the Dragon. So do expect that there will be quite a number of Dragon-related decoration in this year’s River Hong Bao 2012. There are quite a number of booths selling panda soft toys, food, drinks, magazines and newspapers. I guess pandas soft toys are on sale as Singapore will be welcoming Kai Kai and Jia Jia (Pandas) real soon.

Map of the event for people to view and navigate.

Plenty of Fishes…..

Fu Lu Shou – 3 star (Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity)

One of the dragon decorations at River Hongbao 2012.

So many birds. Wow….

And bid goodbye to my good friend, rabbit tonight…

Of course, it will be better for people to view those exhibitions during the night time as the decoration will look more beautiful and nicer. Do come down to Floating Platform at Marina Bay for River Hong Bao 2012 in Singapore. 

You can take Circle Line MRT to Promenade or take buses 36, 56, 70M, 75, 77, 97, 106, 111, 133, 162M, 171, 195, 857 to there or walk to there. 

Do visit for more details and updates on the event!

Sentosa Flower 2011: Spring Wonderland

Have you visit Sentosa Flowers 2011 yet? 13 Feb 2011 will be the last day for people to see Sentosa Flowers 2011.

Of course I went to Sentosa Flowers 2011 quite awhile ago and took some photos of this event. Every year, Sentosa will look quite different. This year Sentosa Flower journey starts from Sentosa Boardwalk to RWS to Imbiah falls, Images of Singapore till the Beach station.

this is the view from vivocity.

I started my journey from Vivocity and walked towards the Sentosa Boardwalk, which is one of the latest attractions in Sentosa. That marks my 1st time walking from Vivocity to Sentosa via Sentosa Boardwalk.

If you feel tired of walking, you can use the travellator at the side of the boardwalk. There are some markers to tell you how far you are away from the entrance of the Sentosa Island too. Is not it great? Haha.

There’s one of the exhibits at the Sentosa Boardwalk. The magical tree. Looks like one of the trees in Alice in the Wonderland. Haha.

There are also some shops on the boardwalk, selling some items.

Artworks/Sculptures along the way. haha.

Reaching the RWS area soon…

Finally reached RWS after walking quite a distance. Of course, I paid $1 entrance fee to enter. People can use ez-link card (not the flash pay card type) or slot in $1 coin to enter the area.

RWS welcomes the year of the Rabbit with rabbits. So cute as I love rabbits and my favorite zodiac sign.

The cave near the entrance of RWS.

Visitor Centre to get essential information on the facilities, recreation and restaurants, shops and fun on Sentosa Island.

Look out for the green giant rabbit near the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore. It will look beautiful at night.

Colourful merlion.

Lakes of Dream. Beautiful.

Of course rabbits are the main lead for this year’s Sentosa flowers. There are other animals around the area as well.

The other side of the RWS with another pair of rabbits. Haha.

Look at that blue building. What is it? KFC = Kentucky fried chicken. Didnt know they opened 1branch at Sentosa.

Sentosa Flowers with some rabbits decor.

Rabbit made of flowers.

Ducks made up of flowers.

Pondering over carrot. thinking hard… Hmmm…

Surrounded by flowers – orchids. Nice.

Rabbits are in love. Valentine day is coming soon…

Welcome to the Carrotland!

The Rabbit family in the Carrotland.

White carrots

Cabbage in Carrotland?

Flower Power

Birds decor

Ant of Life

Baby rabbit with its parent

Easter eggs! Too bad they are inedible. No chocolate’s inside.

Near the Tiger skytower area.

welcome to the rabbit trail...

agree with this poster

Sniffing flowers. Smells nice...


Harvesting carrots by the rabbits

Tulip Land

Dragonfly + rabbits

Honey to be shared?

Anyway, I did enjoyed myself with my mum for this year’s Sentosa Flower. I will be looking forward for the next few Sentosa Flowers event during the Chinese New Year period. Haha.

That’s all folks.