The Spicy Faceoff part II with McDonalds Singapore

A new spice arises to challenge the McSpicy, Singapore’s reigning favourite burger!

Sizzling, tangy and spicy, McDonald’s brand new Red Peri Scorcher will tantalise your taste buds with feisty red peri chilli and zesty lemon. A juicy, whole muscle chicken marinated with red peri chilli, cumin, coriander, capsicum and lemon, cooked in a crispy batter with cracker wheat and finally topped with a spicy and hot red peri sauce, all between a lightly toasted long single-split bun with wheat topping.

Too hot to handle? Pair the Red Peri Scorcher with the tropical sweetness of Passionfruit McFizz and the delicious Citrus Thai Shaker Fries. The Red Peri Scorcher meal is available from $6.50, the Citrus Thai Shaker Fries (a la carte) is available from $2.75 and the Passionfruit McFizz (a la carte) is available from $2.40. For a limited time only. Cant wait to try it out? Go McDonalds and try it now!


The Spicy Faceoff with McDonalds

Singapore’s reigning favourite spice, the McSpicy goes head to head with the new spicy challenger – the Black Pepper Flamer in the ultimate Spicy Faceoff.

Just what makes the flavourful Black Pepper Flamer so irresistible? Well, nothing beats a juicy, tender whole muscle chicken marinated with a feisty combination of black pepper, cumin and other spices that is then cooked to crispy perfection in black pepper batter. Topped with crisp lettuce and sandwiched between lightly toasted cornmeal dusted buns, the deliciously tender Black Pepper Flamer will give your taste buds an exciting treat.

The Black Pepper Flamer is now available in all stores, whilst stocks last. The Black Pepper Flamer meal is available from $6.30.

The all new mouthwatering Quarter Pounder with Cheese (QPC) BLT

B.L.T. or Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoes in short, is McDonald’s newest burger targeted at young adults 18-34 years-old who have an insatiable craving for new and unique experiences. Sumptuous crispy turkey bacon, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes and a succulent quarter pound of pure beef come together to create an irresistible harmony of flavours. Complemented with mouthwatering Honey Chipotle Shaker Fries, it’s truly the perfect combination.
The campaign focuses on food romancing ie. how the 3 different ingredients come together to create a symphony for your tastebuds.

The Quarter Pounder with Cheese BLT will be in stores in Singapore Mcdonald’s outlet from 6 – 31 Dec 2012. Come and try 1 today! Yummy!

McDonalds Monopoly Grand ‘Chance Card’ Draw @ Clarke Quay

Thank you and McDonalds for the invite. 15 Dec 2011 was McDonald’s Monopoly inaugural Public Grand ‘Chance card’ draw event @ Clarke Quay Central Fountain. All the Chance card winners stood chances of winning the unclaimed prizes. All prizes must go.

This was the 1st time that Chance card was added as part of the new game label for the 3rd McDonald Monopoly game. The previous 2 versions did not include chance card label. The Chance card labal holder received $100 cash prize + stand a chance to win the unclaimed prizes.

There were more than 200 prizes to be given out. The unclaimed prizes include a Volkswagen Touran 1.4 TSI worth $64,200, a holiday for 4 to Atlanta, USA – worth $30,000 + $3000 cash prize, MacBook Air, Flowriding for 2 at Wave House Sentosa, dENIZEN TM vouchers and WE cinemas movie cards worth $100. 2 of the prizes – $80,000 cash prize and Holiday trip to Prague, Czech Republic had been won.

This event was hosted by Daniel Ong. He did a great job as the emcee of this event with his great sound effects.

Image from Janet (

Of course, Mr Monopoly was around too. Can you spot him in this pic? Haha.

$80,000 cash prize had been won by 32 year-old Mr Sankararama Subramaniam. He collected both Marina Bay and Sentosa Cove labels to claim this prize. So lucky of him. He planned to donate the winnings to the children in India who needed the money more.

Image from Janet (

Mr Koh Yu Gee had won a trip for 2 to Prague, Czech Republic worth $30,000. He collected the red colored labels – Raffles Place, Shenton Way and Robinson Road to redeem this prize.

Image from Janet (

Of course, while waiting for the draw to start, I had some finger food & Fanta Soft drink to quench my thirst.

Fanta Soft drink - Nice!

Prizes to be given out for the Evening were (according to the sequences being given out):

– 1 X holiday for 4 persons to Atlanta (USA) +$3000 cash

– 88X $200 dENiZEN TM voucher

– 27 X Flowriding for 2 at Wave House Sentosa worth $840

– 9 X Prize bundle (each with 4x flow cards to Wave House Sentosa, $200 dENiZEN vouchers, 1x WE $100 movie card)

– 8X Macbook Air

– 1X Volkswagen Touran 1.4 TSI

– Up to 142X $100 WE Cinemas movie card 

Yes, all chance card label holders are winners. =)

Finally the draw started & the staff were asked to draw out the lucky numbers of the chance card label holders.

Number 111  – Mdm Ng Siew Lian won a trip of 4 to Atlanta (USA) + $3000 cash. She’s so lucky to be the 1st one to be picked and get a chance to visit  World of Coca-Cola there.

Image from Janet (

The numbers of the picked cards were being displayed on the screen. As more and more numbers were announced for dENiZEN vouchers, Flowriding at Wave House Sentosa, Bundle set and  macbook air, the chances of winning the big prize – Volkwagen Car were getting higher and higher.

The lucky holder of Number 035 – Ms Tan Wen Xin had won a Volkswagen Touran 1.4 TSI. Look at how happy she was to be the lucky winner of this car and she can use the car to drive.

Image from Janet (

The rest of the numbers which were not picked, the ticket holder will receive WE $100 movie card. Congrats to all the Chance Card winners once again for winning prizes from the event!

I am looking forward for more exciting McDonald’s Monopoly next year! =)

McDonald’s is giving away $10,000 to sick and needy kids. Visit the McDonald’s Facebook page and download the

McDonald’s is giving away $10,000 to sick and needy kids. Visit the McDonald’s Facebook page and download the #McHappyDaySmile app today.



Ronald McDonald House Charity Singapore

From Nov 1 – 30, all McDonald’s Restaurants in Singapore will be selling Ronald McDonald Smiles at $2 each. All proceeds go towards helping sick children from needy families. McDonald’s is also launching a McHappy Day Smiles Facebook app and will donate $10,000 to the RMHC after 10,000 downloads. Buy a smile and help a child today!

Congrats to the 80K McDonald’s Monopoly winner! With a VW Touran, trips to Atlanta

Congrats to the 80K McDonald’s Monopoly winner! With a VW Touran, trips to Atlanta.



McDonald’s Monopoly has found its $80,000 cash winner!

Congratulations to Mr. Rajagopalan Subramanian (Sanka), for obtaining both Marina Bay & Sentosa Cove labels to win the coveted GRAND prize. I read the news about him on today’s TODAY newspaper. So lucky of him.

Of course, There are still many more amazing prizes to be won. Who’s going to win a Volkswagen Touran, holidays to Atlanta and Prague, and many more? It could be you!

All prizes must go. See all remaining prizes at and get your game labels at McDonald’s restaurants today!

McDonald’s Monopoly Promotion 2011

Have you taken part in McDonald’s Monopoly Promotion this year? Heard that all prizes must go! There’s a new addition to the promotion which is the chance tab and people can use it to claim the unclaimed prizes as well as $100 prizes. Besides that, there are quite a lot of attractive prizes to be won such as movie cards, flowrides at Sentosa Wavehouse, cash prizes, Denizen vouchers, instant prizes (including Mcdonald’s items).

Besides that, people will receive 2x the number of labels if they eat value meals on weekends.

Normally People will receive those on weekday (Mon to fri):

– 1 label for all the breakfast extra value meals & regular extra value meals
– 2 labels for upsized extra value meals

But during weekends and Public holidays:

– 2 X 1 labels (2 labels) for all the breakfast extra value meals & regular extra value meals & McValue Lunch

– 2X 2 labels (a total of 4 labels!) for all the upsized extra value meals and upsized McValue Lunch

Is not it attractive? Of course, I took part in this since 2009. I only won discounted coupon for Esso-Mobil as part of the instant win in 2009 and nothing for last year. But this year, this is the 1st time that I won items from McDonald’s. I won 2 cups premium roast coffee for instant win as well as 1 for 1 flowride at Sentosa Wavehouse.

Normally, I tend to buy an upsized McValue Lunch set on a weekend at McDonald’s. So that I can get 4 game tabs/meal.

This was 1 of the mcvalue lunch that I bought from McDonald’s.

Of course, the more game tabs collected, the higher chance to win some of the attractive prizes. Of course, I hope to win $100 movie cards from WE as I like to watch movies. haha (but I am short of 1 more tab to win).

Mcdonald’s Monopoly promotion is still on and I wish every one good luck to win the prizes they like. Good luck!