Express your appreciation through a song and win up to $5000 for NEA Eco Music Challenge 4!

Eco music challenge is here again! If you haven’t heard of the eco music challenge, where have you been?! Eco music challenge is in their fourth year running, where individuals who are passionate about music are able to express their appreciation and support for this beautiful earth through their music through an original self-written song.

Win up to $5000 in cash and prizes and a chance to be featured in a exclusive album. But wait! that’s not all! You get to be mentored by the top names in the music scene – Dick Lee, Clement chow and more!

Inspire people around you through your song towards a cleaner, greener Singapore! Submission ends on 1 Sept 2013. Have fun composing great songs.

Here’s the video of last year’s Eco Music Challenge 3 winner – Shaun Jansen (sounds familiar right? Yes, he is the runner up of The Final One on Mediacorp Channel 5)


Clean & Green Singapore 2013

Clean and Green Singapore is back again. For Clean & Green Singapore 2013, it will be held at Gardens By the Bay (near Bayfront MRT station) from 3 –  4 Nov 2012 from 10am to 6pm.

Catch performances from NEA Eco Music Challenge winner – Super Nova for the theme song “The World Needs Help” and other finalists as well as Jack & Rai.

There will be prizes given out for quizzes, games & bring recyclable items to recycles. As well as interesting green tips. Eg. Bring water bottle to refill water!

Free shuttle bus from Marina Bay MRT station bus stop at every 30 min interval to Gardens By the Bay too. See you then!

NEA Eco Music Challenge 3: Deadline Extended to 7 July 2012

NEA Eco Music Challenge 3: Deadline Extended to 7 July 2012

There is still a chance for you to submit your song entries to take part in NEA Eco Music Challenge 3 and stand a chance to win great prizes. Visit for more details!

Share great music and songs if you have any! Can be in English or Chinese and any genres!=)

World Environment Day – 5 June – what are you planning?

Since tomorrow is World Environment Day, so what are you planning to do to promote green?

Perhaps joining Eco Action Day activitiy. Eco Action Day is an annual energy saving campaign held in Singapore to encourage office participation nationwide, in commemoration of World Environment Day on 5th June.

Perhaps we should reduce, reuse and recycle and cut down electrical usage as much as we can. Or take public transport. I always take public transport or walk to the destination. I do not smoke too as smoking pollutes the air and the production of the cigarettes involves in chopping down many trees.

Or if you want to use your musical talents, you can contribute your skills or write a beautiful song to take part in NEA Eco Music Challenge 2012 to promote your love to save the environment as well as stand a chance to win wonderful prizes. Feel free to visit for more information.

Whether you are in primary, secondary or of any ages, free feel to take part if you have wonderful composition to share with everybody. There’s also talents wanted section whereby singers or musicians are needed for making the song even better.

Nathan Hartono is the ambassador for this year’s NEA Eco Music Challenge 2012. Here’s his song – WE CHANGE. Hope you enjoy it.

Just in case if you are running out of ideas of writing a song, feel free to visit my previous blog posts for inspiration. Or watch Captain Planet cartoons. Haha.

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NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase 2011 @ Timbre

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Captain Green

Captain Green

Do note that Entry closes on 16 June 2012 (Saturday). Don’t feel shy to take part if you have a great song for promoting the love for the environment!

Happy World Environment Day ahead! and are you planning to be a planeteer to join the adventures with Captain Planet?

Captain Planet

Captain Planet

NEA Eco Music Challenge 3

NEA Eco Music Challenge is back! Ready to bring up your ideas to write and create wonderful songs for the environment?

This year is slightly different. There is open category and school category for people to take part it. Writing a song can be simple or tough however, with the love for the environment, I think people can write good and wonderful songs. Am I right?
Visit for more information and attractive prizes to be won!

NEA Eco Music Challenge 2: CD’s out now!

NEA Eco Music Challenge 2 CD’s out now! Want to listen to the song tracks in this CD? Feel free to visit this website @ and listen to all the songs in this CD.

A total of 15 tracks is found on this CD ( This includes all 13 Finalists of NEA Eco Music Challenge 2 songs + 2 bonus tracks –  Young Musician award winner Toh Yi Fan’s rap song called Clean and Green  and Shawn Tok’s song called  拯救世界, which is also the song for his drama “Stranded”《荒岛冒险记》)

A total of 3.5 Chinese songs & 11.5 English songs are found on this CD. Besides Toh Yi Fan’s Clean and Green and Shawn Tok’s 拯救世界, it also features songs such as the Clean & Green Singapore 2012 Theme Song “World Without Fences” from Lee Feng Heng, Love for planet Earth (Reflection of an Astronaut) from Julian Kwok, a hybrid bilingual Chinese & English song called 早安你好! from 早安 which was featured on Channel 8’s 早安你好 and many more.

Here’s the commercial featuring the theme song – World Without Fences

Want to find out more about the song reviews of the 13 finalists from NEA Eco Music Challenge Season 2 as well as Toh Yi Fan’s Clean and Green Rap song and Shawn Tok’s 拯救世界? You can Click the picture below. Or visit my blog post on NEA Eco Music Challenge Season 2 Finale event @ Orchard Central

I have listened all the songs in this CD and it’s great. While listening to all the songs, I could feel how much hardwork the finalists, Toh Yi Fan and Shawn Tok had put in to write out songs on environment. It is not easy to write songs.

I do quite like Shawn Tok’s song 拯救世界, Lee Feng Heng’s World Without Fences and Julian Kwok’s Love for the Planet Earth. Nice lyrics and tune, great music and it’s about the environment which I like very much. I will give a 4 out of 5 stars for the great music in the CD.

If you are interested to get those songs, you can purchase the album @ $9.90 or $0.99/song online @ or go to NEA Customer Service Centre at Environment Building at Scotts Road (near Newton MRT area).

All proceeds of the sale of the songs & album will go to Nature Society Singapore to support the appreciation of our unique bio-diversity at Semakau Landfill.

Clean & Green Singapore Launch 2012 at Petir Park

Clean & Green Singapore will have its launch at the western park of Singapore this time round at Petir Park (near Bukit Panjang area). There will be quite a lot of interesting activities, performances from some of the NEA Eco Music Challenge Season 2 finalists and workshops for people to take part. For more details, visit

Getting there By LRT: 
Petir LRT Station (BP7) & Pending LRT Station (BP8)

By Bus: 
75, 171, 960, 963, 963E, or 963R





Here’s also a commercial with the the NEA’s Eco Music Challenge’s season 2- winning song – World without Fence